August 15, 2016

Steven Frampton

Have you heard of Nut and Geb? In Egyptian mythology Nut and Geb are twins. Nut is the sky goddess and Geb is the Earth god. 

If you look at the image above, you will see that Nut arches over, or mirrors, Geb who lies below. As above, so below...

Well, our wise ancestors worshipped the stars in the heavens above and considered them to be a direct reflection of the earth below. As you know, t...

June 20, 2016

Steven Frampton

Click the image to read my blog revealing the truth about Father's Day!

March 10, 2016

Steven Frampton


Click on the link above to read a fascinating Harvard  research article about the superhuman abilities of Tibetan monks!




And Make People Smile









December 18, 2015

Steven Frampton



I want to tell you about Nancy. I really love her.


Nancy is a really cool person. She's awkward socially because she never felt that she fitted in or was accepted by people. I know that she had suffered from a lot of rejection in life. We should never reject a genuine spirit and open heart. I can tell you that Nancy is one of the most loving and generous people I have ever known. When ou...

November 30, 2015

Steven Frampton

I had a lot of fun on this radio interview with Al Warren. I hope that you enjoy it too!




November 19, 2015

Steven Frampton



You will probably know by now of the dreadful terrorist attacks in Paris last Friday evening. For the first time since WWII, France has declared a state of national emergency (akin to martial law). Sadly, it was only a matter of time before terror struck Paris once again. Hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees fleeing ISIS and years of civil war in Syria are arriving in Europe. It is o...

November 1, 2015

Steven Frampton



Think about a beautiful old pocket watch. The owner is interested in what he understands - the passage of time described by the hands of the clock. This passage of time is also described by the planetary movements through the zodiac.


Behind the scenes of the clock face, the cogs travel predictably. The planets are like the cogs behind the scene.


Check it out live by clicking on...

October 22, 2015

Steven Frampton

You know that the earth rotates on its axis. Well, the Sun and our entire solar system zip through space at an incredible speed.


During your first day on earth, you travelled 1.584 millions miles!


Here are some more of your travel statistics:


First month on earth: 49 million miles

First year on earth: 578 million miles

First ten years on earth: 5,782 millions miles 

First 50 ye...

October 22, 2015

Steven Frampton



Why wouldn't our ancestors include the comet on this incredible 70 meter long tapestry? Everyone "in the know", knows that it was a cosmic omen of great tragedy. 


The background to the battle was the death of King Edward the Confessor in January 1066. As he had no children, there was a succession struggle between several claimants to his throne. Harold was crowned king shortly after Edwa...

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