Fortune Prediction


The world and our lives are full of wasted talent and opportunity. Let me give you a couple of examples.


There are times when we have incredible windows of opportunity. But if we don't know about them, they pass us by. 


It might be your day to win the lottery, but if you are playing for matches, you will just win a big pile of worthless matchsticks.


Worse still, if that is the day you lounge around in bed, you won't even win matchsticks. It makes you wonder how much opportunity each of us has missed in life because...


1) We didn't even know about times of good fortune...


2) We are, therefore, focused on the wrong things at the right time...


But what if you lived metaphysically? What if you were not limited by the constraints of the current world paradigm? Just what would be possible for you then?


If you would like to know the most fortunate times for any 12 month period, consider my new fortune predictor service. Choose between, finances / speculation, love, and career. With this service, I tell you all of the most fortunate dates in the 12 months ahead. Who can afford not to have that?

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