One Hour Astrology Consultation


We are not talking Sun sign horoscopes or generalities. Steven has studied modern and ancient astrology in great depth for many years. Why? Because it is the best way to understand oneself and determine what will happen when.


If you want to understand yourself in far greater detail than ever before, this is the consultation for you. Steven can help you understand more about yourself than you ever imagined possible. We are each born into this world with a unique blueprint that has evolved over many lifetimes and experiences. Together, they make you what you are today. This content, most of which is unconscious, drives everything that occurs in life. Through a rigorous analysis of your unconscious makeup, Steven can reveal your greatest talents, your roadblocks and challenges. He can delineate each area of your life and see pretty much everything that will occur.


Some people think that seeking guidance about oneself and the future is fatalistic. But is it not more fatalistic to drift through life unaware of oneself and what will come to pass? Does understanding oneself and the future energies not present enormous opportunities for greater self-mastery, happiness, health, and success?


People from all walks of life all around the world consult Steven for his ability to answer questions and accurately describe the future. If this is the consultation for you, book now to get onto Steven's schedule. 



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