Everything about my grandmother was accurate.


I didn't know at the time but you said "Ella and Della".


It turns out they were her aunts who lived together.


She would visit them often and loved them dearly.

Amazing. Again thank you

Ella and Della

Hello from SPIRIT

"I was really unsure of what to expect when Steve and I arranged to speak over the telephone. However, I needn’t have worried – Steve immediately made me feel at ease. He took me on a personal journey that helped me to seek some comfort and closure after my partner’s death. During the two hours I spent with Steve I laughed, I cried, I listened and I talked.  The emotional experience left me with a peace of mind and calmness that I hadn’t felt in such a long time.

My reading with Steve provided me with evidence that my partner’s spirit personality is just as ‘alive’ as when he was here living with me.  Our two worlds were bridged providing me with a new awareness of life after death. Steve gave me reassurance that my partner is still present and communicating with me, but now in spirit form, rather than as a physical presence. It was one of the most enlightening two hours I have ever spent, and as a result of the ‘reunion’ I now know that my partner does still exist.

Thank you Steve for giving so willingly of your time. You may never really appreciate the difference you’ve made to my outlook on life and my ability to move forward without such a heavy weight in my heart.



Hi Steve, back in August you read that changing jobs looked good in Oct/Nov and I would be getting an offer now.  You nailed it, I accepted an offer at a nice salary increase, vacation, and bonus. Thanks for the guidance, your advice made this transition much easier to manage."


North Wales

"A reading with you Steve is not only laden with evidence – and you do get a lot of it and so quickly – but it is also so precise and to the point.  You don’t just speak of general ideas that could be chalked up to coincidence. When you give evidence it’s as if you are transported to the event and place itself and you partake of it.  You elegantly and flawlessly render the essence.  It is unmistakable!  And if the mediumistic evidence is so strong, who can argue with the psychic predictive side of your talent. You certainly have a beautiful gift and it is uniquely yours."


New York, USA - www.LifeMasteryGuide.com

"I visited Steve for a reading in 2008 because of a personal recommendation. I was in a very fragile state emotionally as I was still trying to deal with the longstanding grief from having lost my father, mother, sister, and niece. When I arrived at Steve’s home, I felt as if I was entering a ‘liquid’ atmosphere. Steve put me at ease straight away with his warm and friendly manner. I felt as though I had met him before and that we were old friends.


He told me that he’d never had so many messages from the spirit world for one person. Steve had prepared notes and started to relay the messages he had for me. There were details about my family members that Steve could not possibly have known. I was absolutely blown away by what he told me.  I have to say that this reading represents a bench mark in my life, because after seeing him, my mind was put at rest knowing that my family were constantly with me.


I can highly recommend Steve to anyone who needs to come to terms with the loss of loved ones. Thank you Steve."



“Steve opened my eyes with his profound and learned spiritual knowledge and amazed me with the accuracy of his numerology. During my reading, Steve brought through my grandmother and proved without doubt her continued existence and wellbeing through facts and memories that he could not possibly have known.


My reading with Steve was one of the most brilliant experiences that I have ever had. I left feeling strong and confident about the future. This experience was a great eye opener and one that I will never forget… Steve’s psychic and mediumistic abilities are incredibly accurate and I recommend him without hesitation. My friends are now queuing up for sittings with Steve and I suspect that he has a very busy year ahead!”


Brighton, UK

“Steve is an amazing medium.  The information that he receives is so precise, you truly feel that spirit is right next to him! His manner and personality are very professional, yet he’s very caring. Knowing Steve and the way he works is a real inspiration to me and it is a real pleasure to have met him. Well done & carry on with the good work!”


Perth, Australia

“My best friend passed away nearly 18 years ago and I still miss him so much. When I had my reading with Steve Frampton, my friend ‘showed up’ to let me know how much he adored me and how he’s always with me. He was sorry for being immature, asked me to be mindful of the number 27 and asked, ‘How’s our boy?’ This was incredible to me on so many levels. The number 27 is very significant to his passing and my son, who he’s named after, looks just like him and I’ve always wondered why. In my family, we joke about how my son doesn’t look a thing like me or my husband. Until my reading with Steve, it didn’t occur to me that he looks EXACTLY like my best friend who passed.

My friend also referenced ‘April’ as being a significant month and mentioned the ‘photograph’ in the album in the closet. At that moment, I remembered being featured in a the 2011 April issue of Ladies Home Journal magazine in an article about being an ‘unusual mom’ with a photo of me along with my son. But when I went to the closet the next day to pull out the album, I realized something even more profound. In the large photo album, there was a clipping from an April issue from the very same magazine from 16 years ago when his son and his son’s mother were also featured in an article about being an ‘unusual mom’ – her being young and alone (after his passing) and me being ‘older’ (over the age of 40) when having a baby. Both of us have dark hair and both of our sons have very light blond hair. I know my friend was trying to tell me that he had a hand in my presence in the magazine – and in our current lives.

Steve also said that a woman by the name of Alice would be significant to me because she’d have an important message for me. I couldn’t think of an Alice in my life but the VERY next day, my mother-in-law called me out of the blue to say she was chatting with her friend about a new business I’m starting and her friend said how important it is to copyright the intellectual property of the endeavor. She had lots to say about it so I asked my mother-in-law if I should meet with her soon to chat. She said, ‘Absolutely, her name is Alice and I’m sure she’d be glad to meet you.’ That made me smile, for sure. Later that day at a retail store, I passed by a cash register where a man who looked a whole lot like my best friend was standing and having his items rung up. He was friendly and nodded my way as the cashier said, ‘That’ll be $27.27.’ More smiles! My heart is filled with so much love (from afar) and I have been floating on Cloud Nine since my intuitive reading with Steve.

I didn’t realize I was waiting almost 20 years to hear things from someone so important in my life. I feel so comforted in knowing (hands down!) that he’s still with me and remains an integral part of my life. I thank Steve immensely for sharing his talents. I thank all of his universal guides – and now mine.”


Tennessee, USA

"I don’t know if the predictions for my relationship will come true or not as it will take another 9 months to know. But the prediction about the new job is amazing. I got the confirmation of the hiring on the exact date as you predicted!!!!!"


Texas, USA

"You predicted that I would need to transition to a new career in February and I did because I lost my job…"



"My first experience with Steve Frampton was through his quantum self-discovery workshop. His knowledge and charisma are infectious. I received a lot of very useful material and learned a variety of techniques that I then was able to use to improve my situation in life. I have also seen Steve for a few psychic readings, all of which have been very insightful.  He named names and gave dates- it was very exciting.  In one reading he told me that I would double my income next year and in fact be coming into a lot of money.  Although I liked what I heard I wasn’t so sure I believed it… until it actually happened.  Within a year I got a raise, started drawing from a second income, and inherited some money – it was amazing.  Steve Frampton is the real deal.  If you’re looking for proof of the metaphysical/supernatural Steve Frampton is it."


Tennessee, USA

"When you gave me the reading from my husband (Tom) that has passed, you mentioned the name George. You said that he was an uncle of Tom’s that I would not have known. I called Tom’s sister in Ohio last night and, right away, she knew. They had an uncle George. She reminded me that we had driven by his farm years ago when I was there on a visit.  He had a huge barn on the side of the road with his name on it. I think I may even have a picture of it. He has been dead for years, so I did not know him.

Thank you again. I will be coming back to see you in the future as will my daughter."



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