Proof of Precognition

December 21, 2014

Each time I leave home for a business trip, I am fascinated to observe that my cats somehow detect my departure even before preparation of my suitcase. Animals have a sixth sense, just like we do, and deploy much greater perceptive capability than we presume. Video recordings have proven that dogs often become much more active at home when they sense that their master is returning. Many animals have perceptive powers and senses that far exceed the accepted senses of humans.

On my return flight to the USA, I watched a fabulous BBC documentary entitled “The Supernatural Powers of Animals”. This groundbreaking piece of work documents the exceptional perception of different species. The narrator states that “the powers of animals are as extraordinary as any human mysteries such as the Bermuda triangle.” The program features sharks that smell blood from over a kilometer away. Apparently, even blood bleeds electricity three meters into water. Sharks can detect one five billionth of a volt.

King parrots detect ultraviolet rays deployed to find food and mating partners. Cotton plants emit chemical communication to wasps when attacked by caterpillars. Plants are so sensitive that the caring attention of human touch is proven to trigger growth. Elephants can hear each other from ten kilometers away. Perhaps my favorite is the dolphin that can perceive our internal organs using sonar and even detect the heartbeat of an unborn child. The BBC documentary explains that this is perhaps why dolphins are known to locate shipwreck victims and are particularly drawn to pregnant women. Doesn’t it make you pause to consider just how sensitive we are and how much one might detect using extra sensory perception?

Many scientists are working to prove extra sensory perception in humans and I am certain that it is only a matter of time before our experiences of ESP will be corroborated beyond doubt. I believe that the existence of mediumship, whilst proven by mediums around the world for centuries, will also enjoy greater scientific research and evidence this century. The revelations of “The Supernatural Powers of Animals” fuel my certitude that scientists will confirm the validity of our psychic and mediumistic experiences. Exciting times…

If you would like to learn more about the supernatural powers of animals or the sixth sense, check out the You Tube videos below about the supernatural powers of animals.


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