The Best Ever Explanation of Mediumship

December 21, 2014

I am really excited about interviewing Pamela Heath on Psychic Access Talk Radio Thursday 16th December! Pamela has practiced medicine for nearly thirty years and is the co-founder of the Paranormal Research Organization. In preparation for the show, I have been reading the incredible book that she wrote with John Klimo: Handbook to the Afterlife. This book contains a vast array of fascinating information about the afterlife based upon research of more than 200 years of mediumship. Pamela and Jon give the best explanation of mediumship that I have ever seen:

“For at least 2,500 years, and across virtually all countries, cultures, and peoples, one can find thousands of stories and reports of individuals who claim, or who have had claims made of them, that they are receiving messages from spirits who exist on some other kind of level of reality than our own here on physical earth.”

“The term mediumship was coined in the nineteenth century to refer to a process whereby a physically embodied person, called a medium, serves as a mediator or vehicle for communication or information said to be originating with human spirits that have survived the deaths of their physical bodies and are now existing in some kind of transcendent afterlife spirit realm. Usually the medium enters an altered state of consciousness in order for this process to take place. Often, such an altered state of consciousness is deep enough to be referred to as a trance state and the medium is called a trance medium. Entering such a trance state, the medium usually loses consciousness and afterward does not remember what took place during the experience. This was especially the case during the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. More recently, mediums seem less likely to need to enter an unconscious state in order to connect with their non-physical sources; they can maintain a relatively conscious state, thus qualifying as conscious or light trance mediums.”

“Psychologists would call such a trance, or even a light trance, a dissociated state, an interlude separated and disconnected from the normal waking consciousness, awareness, and functioning personality and identity that preceded and followed it. Upon relinquishing normal consciousness and personality, most full-trance mediums then serve as a temporary vehicle by means of which the discarnate spirit may communicate using the language and speech generation sectors of the medium’s brain, larynx, and related cognitive and linguistic resources.”

“Some mediums, rather than going into an unconscious trance, are able to operate with partial or complete awareness during the process of mediating the communication stemming from the human spirit now residing in the non- or trans-physical afterlife level of reality. In what is called a clairaudient process, the conscious medium may hear with “the mind’s ear” the voice of the communicator or information source and simply relay it like a relatively simultaneous translation process, repeating, phrase by phrase, what is heard. Or the medium may operate in a telepathic manner, tuning into mental messages conveyed through thought forms and feeling forms that the medium must then translate into verbal language to be written down or to be spoken to others present. Alternatively, the medium may operate in a clairvoyant manner, “seeing with the mind’s eye”, receiving information in some kind of visual or imagistic or mental imaging way not involving normal open-eyed perception.”

Please join us in Thursday evening at 8pm EST to learn all about the afterlife from one of the world’s leading experts! You can also learn more about the afterlife from Pamela and Jon’s book. I also recommend the fantastic You Tube video below featuring Coral Polge’s (exceptionally gifted psychic medium now in spirit) fascinating philosophy.


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