Trance Mediumship – Altered States of Consciousness and Life Beyond Our Dimension

December 21, 2014

On a number of occasions, I have experienced trance mediumship. This is a form of mediumship in which the medium allows spirit to overshadow their consciousness. In other words, the medium almost steps aside so that spirit may speak directly or, in the case of full physical mediumship, manifest physically using ectoplasm. You probably recall my recent blog about Helen Duncan who was one of the finest ever physical mediums. Nowadays, full physical manifestation of spirit seems quite rare, but I am excited to learn more about the trance state.

When I enter trance, I meditate visualizing myself falling downwards – it is a very freeing and intense experience. As I fall into my meditation, I can feel the speed at which I descend continuously increasing. When spirit draw close, I can feel myself stepping out of my body. For some reason, I always step to the left – I still feel in control of my consciousness, but step aside giving the use of my body to spirit. When I do this, I can feel my guides standing very closely to ensure my wellbeing. As spirit draw closer, I can somehow feel my face and hands change – it feels like a gentle metamorphosis as facial features transform to resemble those of the spirit person wishing to communicate. After a short while, the spirit person may speak using my vocal chords. It really is a wonderful experience during which one feels completely connected to spirit and honored to allow another to communicate so clearly. I would describe it as a sharing of mental and physical energy. My voice sounds different as the spirit communicates information which is often philosophical in nature. At some point, I will record some trance channeling and share it via the website. I don’t suggest that you try trance mediumship without the assistance of an expert or some training. For those of you who are interested, Arthur Findlay College (the world’s foremost college for the advancement of spiritualism and psychic studies) does offer tuition in trance mediumship.

Trance mediumship is an altered state of consciousness. As I am always on a quest to understand any scientific evidence supporting mediumship, I read yesterday about altered states of consciousness and learned that different sounds can change our brain state. There are four brains states:

Beta – Wide awake with a sharp and focused mind.
Alpha – Truly relaxed state inducing an expansion of awareness.
Theta – Deep state of relaxation which is almost sleep-like. In this state, the mind often expands beyond the physical boundaries of the body.
Delta – Sleep, healing and detached awareness.

A great friend of mine sent me a fascinating You Tube clip about consciousness research at the Monroe Institute. In out of body experiments, sound and sensory deprivation enable the experimenter to reach an altered state of consciousness by combining two different tones which create a third. This is known as binaural beating – it alters our state of consciousness and can be measured by EEG. Check out the short You Tube video clip below to see an example of an individual entering an altered stated of consciousness which enabled her to have an out of body experience. I have also included an example of alpha binaural beats.

You may now be thinking to yourself “well, this is very interesting, but what does it mean to me?” I chose to focus this blog on trance mediumship and altered states of consciousness because both demonstrate that we have access to huge sources of inspiration, information and guidance from the spirit world. We all have a unique combination of talents and capabilities, but also have access to a vast array of support, love and knowledge from our loved ones in spirit as well as countless guides, sages and experts. When you are in a relaxed state, take a moment to simply ask spirit to help you see the way forward in your life, or to share information that will help you on your pathway. I honestly believe that we have access to an abundance of knowledge and support that we can leverage to make the world a better place for ourselves and others.

In addition to the out of body experience clip, check out the two fascinating You Tube videos below featuring two trance artists at work! I also recommend the books and DVD listed below.


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