Irrefutable Evidence of Our Interconnectedness

April 18, 2015


When people ask me how mediumship and psychic ability are possible, I excitedly begin my response with “they are possible because we are one”. Most of us have experienced a close friend or family member calling us just as we were thinking of them. Many of us have felt compelled to contact someone close only to find that they have just had a traumatic experience. All of these experiences fall under the realm of “telepathy” which comes from the Greek word tele-, meaning “distant”, and pathos, meaning “feeling”. The Oxford dictionary describes telepathy as “the supposed communication of thoughts or ideas by means other than the known senses”.


There have been many cases of twins experiencing a profound connection and telepathy. I began my recent Blogtalk radio show with the example of the “Jim twins” who were separated at four weeks of age. The twins met at the age of 39 only to find an astounding number of similarities in their lives. They both called their childhood pet “Toy”. They both married ladies by the name of Linda and remarried ladies called Betty. One named his son James Allen and the other James Alan. They even had the same professions and habits. They frequented the same holiday location and felt a strange urge to build circular white benches around trees in their yards. Even more astounding, the twins died on the same day of the same illness. You can learn more about the incredible findings of twins raised apart by reading Dr. Nancy Segal’s book “Entwined Lives”.


In essence, we are all part of the same thing. We are all inhaling and exhaling, constantly in exchange with each other. In The New Physics of Healing, Deepak Chopra explains that “we are part of a cosmic body that is constantly in exchange with its own self. In fact, very reliable calculations reveal that, right now in your body, you have a million atoms that were once in the body of Christ.” Eastern philosophies have been teaching for a very long time that we exist in a universe of unified consciousness. Quantum physics is also revealing that we truly are interconnected. Our consciousness extends far beyond our perception of the physical being.


It is this extension of consciousness beyond perceived human form that enables others to engage with our energy. I’ll leave Albert Einstein with the last words for this blog: “Our separation from each other is an optical illusion of consciousness.”

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