Mediumship: Entanglement with the Spirit World?

April 18, 2015

I really enjoyed the Quantumatters Blogtalkradio show on Saturday 24th July. We received such great evidence from the spirit world, specifically from our callers’ loved ones. It was so moving to hear Anna’s parents confirm that they do hear her when she speaks to them in front of her silver framed photograph. Moments of evidence and comfort like this are priceless.


We are conditioned from birth to believe that our world is material and we base too much upon this assumption. We presume that we exist here on earth, but that heaven is so far away. However, our loved ones are so close that they can hear us speak to them and even support us in times of difficulty or challenge.


I am a huge fan of the documentary “What the bleep do we know?” because it provides so much insight into how the Universe

works and quantum physics. You might now be wondering why a psychic medium is interested in quantum physics and what on earth the connection could be? So, here is the beginning of my explanation…


In previous blogs, I mentioned cases of identical twins who were able to sense each other’s emotional states when separated by great distances. Similarly, a dog can sense when its owner is coming home. These are examples of a phenomenon known as “nonlocality”. Quantum physicists have proven beyond doubt that nonlocality exists through an effect known as entanglement. Two quantum particles can remain in contact with each other regardless of distance. They can become correlated with each other such that their fate is forever intertwined.


Deepak Chopra once commented that we are constantly inhaling and exhaling particles. In other words, we are constantly in exchange with each other. Does this mean that we are all interconnected and does the quantum mechanics concept of entanglement begin to explain psychic connection and potentially mediumship?


If you would like to listen to the great evidence that we received from the spirit world on July 24th, you can listen to the recent

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