Mediumship so accurate that MI5 intervened…

April 18, 2015

Helen Duncan was an exceptionally gifted medium that could produce ectoplasmic physical manifestations of spirit people in trance state. Helen’s spirit guide Albert would talk to sitters before spirits began to physically manifest themselves to their loved ones during the séances. Sid, the spirit of a second world war sailor, manifested himself wearing a cap labeled ‘HMS Barham’, stating to his mother that the ship had been destroyed by a German submarine torpedo. Until Sid’s revelation, the destruction of this strategic warship had been kept a closely guarded secret. In fact, the authorities did not announce the tragedy until three months after it occurred.


Helen also identified that the HMS Hood had gone down, although this was denied at the time by the authorities. Two days later, the admiralty confirmed the tragedy. There was absolutely no way that Helen could have known about the sinking of the HMS Hood. Quite simply, she channeled accurate information about the events of the war before it was in the public domain.

Helen Duncan’s mediumship was so accurate that the government and MI5 secret services got involved, suspecting that her profound insight was a threat to national security during the Second World War. Information unveiled by the spirit world during Helen’s seances could have placed the D Day landings in jeopardy. She was arrested and tried under the 1735 witchcraft act. The jury made a very quick decision and readily dismissed supporting evidence. When she offered to give a demonstration of her powers in front of the court, the judge and the jury’s foreman turned her down. Poor Helen was never given the chance to prove to the court how real her mediumship truly was. She was also the second to last person imprisoned under the 1735 witchcraft act and served a sentence of nine months. Then prime minister Winston Churchill later wrote to the home secretary branding the charge ‘obsolete tomfoolery’.


If you would like to learn more about Helen Duncan’s exceptional physical mediumship, I recommend the following books. You can also check out the fantastic youtube clips below!



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