Missing out on information from the spirit world?

April 18, 2015

This weekend, I read some fantastic facts in Diane Hennacy Powell’s book “The ESP Enigma”. Apparently, the unconscious mind detects approximately 1 billion pieces of information each second. Yet only 1 percent of this information reaches our conscious awareness. We don’t detect electric fields, but sharks do. We don’t detect polarized light, but bees do. We don’t see infrared heat signals, but snakes do. We don’t detect wireless devices, but you are probably using one right now.


Diane Hennacy Powell explains that objects are made of atoms, in other words mainly empty space. However, we couldn’t interact with objects if our brains were tuned into the atoms’ space rather than their tiny material content. Cinemas flash images of popcorn across their screens to make us crave warm, buttered popcorn during movies. We don’t see the subliminal message because it is visible for less than one sixteenth of a second. In order to survive, we focus upon critical information and our current focus, but there is so much more out there…


Apart from electric fields, polarized light, infrared signals, wireless internet, subliminal sales techniques, and the emptiness of atoms, what else are we missing?


The spirit world gives us access to a vast array of information, guidance and creativity. In the 1800s, Allan Kardec worked with mediums to channel writing from the spirit world. The handwriting changed with each spirit, but resumed if one reappeared. Kardec actually published “The Spirit Books” in 1857 with 1,019 questions answered by the spirit world.

Many people channel writing from spirit. Here is an example of writing that I channeled when I was a kid – long before we were talking about carbon footprints. Stumbling across this piece of writing on Saturday, just before earth hour, is also a great example of synchronicity…


The tortoise may be deemed slow, but it is a gracious creature that travels its pathway with tranquility and disregard for complication or conflict. Rather than speed along and miss the beauty of its journey, the tortoise takes its time and savors veracity.


Although a small creature, the tortoise is wise, extending its life to a great number of years by living in peace and disturbing no other as it goes on its way. You may laugh at such a creature whilst you overtake with haste. Yet, consider what your speed may cost you.


Pondering its direction, the tortoise progresses steadily and causes no disturbance to the environment. It is a gentle creature whose mission is not selfish and causes no offence. It advances with subtlety whilst you clamber past and speed along its causeway.


The tortoise takes time to consider and enjoy the crisp vegetation that flourishes again for the next passer by. Consider this if you consume non-replenishable elements.



The tortoise travels with a hard shell of protection, but a warm and innocent spirit. It advances leaving only a gentle impression on the grassland – a subtle, albeit significant, trace of its journey. Consider this if you dent the pathway with your harsh stamping feet.


The tortoise regards with an innate, yet reserved, wisdom. Consider this if you unflinchingly disturb others from your route.

You may not consider the tortoise to be the greatest contributor to the planet, but it is a responsible part of the whole. The tortoise makes its contribution without disturbance, arrogance, aggression or wont. Consider this when you contemplate the balance between your personal contribution as well as the color and form of your carbon trail.

P.S. Carrie – Your husband sends you more oranges, lemons and diamonds with all of his love, forever.

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