Near death experiences – what happens when we die?

April 18, 2015

A number of years ago, I had a terrible mountain biking accident in which I was very badly injured. I remember feeling exhausted due to blood loss. When the paramedics arrived, my energy was so low and the pain so intense that I just wanted to drift away. They were yelling at me not to close my eyes, but to hang on and stay awake. Unable to keep my eyes open, I found myself traveling at great speed through a white tunnel that many people describe after near death experiences. Coming out of the tunnel, I felt such an incredible sense of peace and love – a feeling of wholeness, perfection, and compassion that words just cannot describe. My grandmother and grandfathers surrounded me along with spirit guides, all flooding me with unconditional love. They offered me the choice to stay or return to my lifetime. I recall explaining that I needed to return because I had work to do. As soon as I had made my decision, I found myself lying on the ground with the paramedics shouting at me not to close my eyes again, but to fight the fatigue and pain.


Prior to her passing, my grandmother woke for a moment and explained to my mother and aunt that she could see my grandfather and other members of her family in the room. Shortly afterwards, she passed to spirit. I feel very fortunate to have experienced the sense of absolute comfort, love and unconditional support that our loved ones experience when they move on to pastures new. Similarly to my grandmother, Albert Best (a great medium) stirred just before his passing explaining to his friends that his wife and children, all of whom he lost whilst serving abroad in the second world war, were in the room and had come to take him. Here is a quote from Rosalind Cattanach’s book about Albert “Best of Both Worlds”.


“I focused my gaze on Albert. He opened his eyes, turned his head to Jim and smiled. He looked up at Ann and tried to speak. None of us could make out what he had tried to say. However, he repeated the statement and we understood. He said “my wife is here with the children.” His eyes turned to the foot of the bed and opened wide. He smiled and lifted his head. His smile became brighter. Albert was transfixed as he spoke his last words: “They’ve come. You will have to let me go.”

If you would like to learn more about near death experiences, I recommend the following books, DVDs and the BBC documentary below on You Tube:



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