Reincarnation: Memories of Previous Lifetimes

April 18, 2015

Travelling this week in France, I decided to read about reincarnation. I learned that there are a lot of documented cases of people who recall previous lives. In particular, many children have astonishingly evidential memories of previous incarnations. Here is a great extract from “Children Who Have Lived Before” by Trutz Hardo:


“We do have a report from Copenhagen of a girl called Luna Marconi who can remember a past life. The three year old told her parents “I want to go home”. When asked where home was, she told them that it was in the Philippines. Her parents were very surprised that she knew of this country, since they had never told her about it and could not think how she could have come by this name. Several days later, she again expressed a wish to go home. She said that her name was Maria Espina, that her father owned a restaurant and that her home was on highway 54, not far from the Church of Christ. When asked more about her alleged life in the Philippines, she said that she often loved to eat bocan. She also described various festivals and ceremonies in great detail. Sometimes she would start to dance, humming a tune that was completely unfamiliar to her parents. One day, she talked about President Diosdado Macapagal visiting her village. In honor of this special occasion, she wore new shoes and presented the President with a bunch of red flowers.”


“Having heard of the little girl’s claims, some newspaper reporters travelled to the Philippines. They found a sweet made of coconut called bocan. They even found the Church of Christ on highway 54. Not far from the church was a restaurant belonging to Yves Espina and his wife. They really did have a daughter named Maria who died of fever at the age of 12. They also confirmed that she had been bought a new pair of shoes for the President’s visit.”


As well as the story of Maria Espina, I learned about Jenny Cockell who regularly dreamt about a woman in Ireland that died in hospital shortly after the birth of her sixth child. She believed these were memories of a past life and felt guilty that she had “abandoned” her children. As an adult, Jenny decided to research the possibility of this past life. This led her to Malahide, Ireland, where she found that her memories matched the details of the life of a woman known as Mary Sutton.


Stories of reincarnation provide great evidence of the continued existence of the soul. If you would like to learn more about reincarnation, I recommend the books, DVDs, and You Tube documentaries below.




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