Aborigines use telepathy to communicate

April 19, 2015

I have been reading a wonderful book by Marlo Morgan entitled “Mutant Message Down Under”.  It is the story of an American woman who is welcomed by a remote tribe of nomadic Aboriginals who call themselves “the Real People”.  She accompanied them on a four-month-long walk through the Australian outback learning about their culture and beliefs.  Here is a fascinating quote from chapter 8 entitled “Cordless Phone”:


“We faced east in our morning prayer service and gave thanks for all our blessings. We sent our daily message out to the food kingdom.


One of the younger men took a turn in the center. It was explained he had offered to perform a special task that day. He left the camp early and ran on ahead. We had walked several hours when the Elder stopped and fell to his knees. Everyone gathered around as he remained in the kneeling position, his arms held out in front, gently swaying. I asked Ooota what was happening. He motioned for me to remain quiet. No one was saying anything but all their faces were intent. Finally, Ooota turned to me and said the young scout who had left us earlier was sending in a message. He was asking permission to cut the tail of the kangaroo he had killed.


It finally dawned on me why it was quiet every day as we walked. These people used mental telepathy to communicate most of the time.  I was witnessing it. There was absolutely no sound to be heard, but messages were being relayed between people twenty miles apart.


“Why does he want to remove the tail?” I asked.


“Because it is the heaviest part of the kangaroo, and he is too ill to carry the animal comfortably.  It is taller than he is, and he is telling us that the water he stopped to drink was foul and has caused his body to become too hot. He has beads of fluid coming from his face.


A silent telepathic reply was sent.  Ooota advised me we would stop for the day. The people began to dig a pit in preparation for the large meat we would be receiving. Others began preparing herbal medication under the instructions of Medicine Man and Female Healer.


Several hours later, into our camp walked the young man, carrying the huge gutted kangaroo minus a tail… It was really remarkable. If I had not witnessed it myself, it would have been hard to believe.  I told Ooota how I felt. He smiled and said “Now you know how it feels to a native the first time they go into the city and see you put a coin into the phone, dial a number, and start talking to your relative. The native thinks that is incredible.


Mental telepathy – it is the way human beings were designed to communicate.”


If you would like to learn more about telepathy, check out the You Tube video below as well as the books, DVDs, and Kindles. Also be sure to read “Mutant Message Down Under” by Marlo Morgan.




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