All events can be predicted!

April 19, 2015

I have spent much of my life to date studying spirituality and metaphysics.  In recent years, I have invested most of my free time engaged in Hermetic studies.  The word “Hermetic” dates back to the legend of the Egyptian “Toth” also known as Hermes Trismegistis. Toth was an expert in arts and sciences ranging from philosophy to astrology.


The more I learn, the more I receive confirmation that we are part of something much greater than our individuality. Those of you that have worked or studied with me know about my belief that everything in life is synchronistically orchestrated.  Having studied metaphysics for many years, I know that the events of our lives are part of a great evolutionary plan.  I have often said that I don’t believe in coincidence, but I probably should have studied the word!  “Coincide” actually means “to occupy the same space in time”. Now, this is something that I do believe in!


Let’s take the example of astrology… Most people think of horoscopes when they hear the word “astrology”.  Horoscopes are very interesting, but they generally only refer to the position of the Sun in one’s astrological chart.  The Sun is extremely significant – without it there is no light, heat, or life. It is, in fact, the positive electrical energy of the Sun combined with the magnetic or receptive energy of the Moon that keeps us alive.  The two are like either end of a battery. The Moon actually governs the movement of our oceans as well as other liquids such as amniotic fluid – this is why more babies are born when there is a full Moon.  The full Moon actually pulls the amniotic fluid.


Horoscopes aside, really advanced metaphysical insight such as astrology can be used to understand what is going on in life and to accurately predict events. Let’s look at an example.


The seventh house in a person’s chart governs marriage. Prince William’s seventh house contains the Sun and the Moon. In other words, his long term relationships are ruled by the Sun and the Moon. In order to predict when a person will marry, we search for what we call “major progressed aspects” to the ruler of the seventh house.  It is the major progressed aspect that provides the backdrop of energy and circumstance making an event possible. The major progressed aspect is a little like a keg of dynamite.  For an event to occur, there also needs to be a minor progressed aspect which acts like a fuse.  The event is triggered by the transit of a planet in aspect to the terminal of the keg of dynamite and the fuse.  In other words, the transiting planet is like the match that lights the fuse which then unleashes the dynamite.


But what does this mean? It means that pretty much everything can be predicted. We can predict excitingly harmonious events and ride the wave of joy. We can also predict disharmonious events and apply mental alchemy to avoid them.


Let’s look again at Prince William to prove the point.  On the very day of his marriage, his progressed Venus (planet of love) was right on top of his natal Sun and his progressed Uranus formed what we call an “inconjunct aspect” to his natal Sun. These aspects represent the keg of dynamite making marriage possible. Minor progressed aspects (the fuses) were also in place. On the very day that he married Kate Middleton, perfectly transiting planets engaged the terminals of these stellar aspects and triggered the wedding like a crescendo of matrimonial fireworks.


As we can calculate the future movement of the planets, nearly all events in life can be predicted. Our Universe is like an incredible organism of which we each represent one cell of consciousness.  Everything is perfectly interrelated – by analyzing the whole we can tune in to each part.


I have always loved mathematics and have studied hard to teach myself how to perform astrological calculations in my mind during readings. If we each learn to tune in to spirit through our intuition and mediumship, combining our inquiries with incredibly powerful metaphysical tools, we can see everything.  And seeing everything gives us much greater control of our lives. If I can be of assistance to any of you in understanding current circumstances or tuning in to future events, please do not hesitate to contact me.



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