Another Shooting – William Spengler

April 19, 2015

Let’s be honest – it has been a hideous month. On Friday December 14th Adam Lanza killed 26 people of whom 22 were kids. On Monday December 24th William Spengler killed two volunteer firefighters. Tired of these hateful crimes, we are asking ourselves what on earth we can do to prevent these atrocities. We know for a fact that the authorities occasionally use psychics for criminal investigations, but this is usually after the event when it is too late to save lives.  We need to find radical new solutions to identify serious criminals and to avert more crises.  I spent this morning studying Adam Lanza and William Spengler’s natal and progressed astrology.  Natal astrology shows us a map of a person’s soul at the time they were born.  Major progressions in hermetic astrology show us what is occurring within a person’s psyche at any point in time.


There are obviously many factors that cause a person to become so sick and disenfranchised that they commit such awful crimes – the environments in which they were raised and their experiences in life to name just a couple. Nonetheless, we can identify predisposition towards crime when we study a person metaphysically.  Not only that, but if we have a short list of high risk criminals (like Spengler who murdered his grandmother), we could closely monitor them metaphysically and identify specific dates on which they would be highly likely to reoffend.


By way of example, let’s take a look at Lanza and Spengler.  When I study these cases, I am always drawn to the positioning of the Moon (mentality and emotions) in the natal chart as well as the trans-Saturnian planets (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto).  I also look closely at the two malefics: Mars (the minor malefic) and Saturn (the major malefic).


Spengler has a particularly grim chart.  In other words, prior to this disastrous lifetime, he had experienced a lot of misfortune and pain. He came into the world with a very poor outlook. The Moon in his chart is in opposition to his Sun and Neptune.  This indicates a disconnect between his emotions/mentality and his power center (the Sun) as well as his imagination/vision/ psyche (Neptune).  Not only this, but his Moon is squared by Uranus indicating a potential for sudden and disruptive emotional or mental reactions.  Even his Sun and Neptune were squared by Uranus indicating more disconnects, but this time between his eccentricity and his power center as well as his psyche.  His Pluto (particularly important in these cases as it is the planet of death and is often associated with obsessions and crime) is in opposition to his Jupiter (the major benefic) which is then discordantly squared by the planet of aggression (Mars). Saturn (the most challenging of energies) was near to his Sun suggesting that the major malefic was closely associated with his ego and self-esteem. I could go on, but I have probably made it clear that Spengler had a very rough looking chart.  Remember that the chart is a map of the astral being / unconscious.


Lanza was born when Neptune and Uranus were right on top of each other.  Moreover, they were both close to his Moon.  I often feel uncomfortable when I see this kind of aspect in a chart because it suggests a strong integration between the sudden feelings of individuality / eccentricity  and the psyche/illusions/delusions.  Saturn also squares Lanza’s Pluto which is never helpful.  Astrology is complex and I don’t intend to blog a whole book, but here are some interesting correlations between Lanza/Spengler and other famous sickos:


Trans-Saturnian planet opposite Moon or Sun: Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, Hitler, Seung-hui Cho, Eric Harris, Timothy McVeigh.


Now don’t worry if you also have a trans-Saturnian planet in opposition to the Moon or Sun – it doesn’t mean you are a mass murderer or serial killer. BUT, if you have a track record of brutal murder and are now in the public domain (like Spengler), you should certainly be on somebody’s “monitor closely” list.  I will write another blog in the next day or so demonstrating how it is absolutely possible to accurately predict when in the future such a character will commit another heinous crime.  It is the same process that we use to metaphysically answer questions such as “when will I get a new job?”; “when will I meet the love of my life”; “when will I make great money?” etc.


I hope that you will join me in sending your thoughts of love to all of the poor people who have lost a treasured family member or friend in one of these evil crimes. I also invite you to take a moment to project love and healing to those people who have recently passed to spirit because of one of these tragedies.  I know for a fact that they are receiving an abundance of love and healing in the spirit world, but there can never be too much love.

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