Are you listening?

April 19, 2015

Everything seems to be composed of discrete subjects and events. However, when we look a little deeper and pay attention to the Universe, we begin to realize that everything is connected. The spirit world communicates with us constantly and provides all manner of insights when we are listening. A couple of weeks ago, I was teaching the Quantum Self-Discovery workshop. Just as I explained to the group that the spirit world sends us messages through wildlife, a baby Blue Jay arrived at the window and sang its heart out. The room went silent as everybody turned and noticed the synchronistic arrival of this beautiful creature. A couple of moments later, we went online to research the Blue Jay’s message:


Embrace life to the fullest wherever you land and pursue that which you love at all times.


Just a couple of days after this exciting message, I was meeting with my business partner Denise. As we discussed the importance of taking bold steps to realize potential and the possibility of making big leaps forward, we turned and noticed a beautiful, bright green cricket on the carpet of our meeting room. That very evening, there was another cricket on the roof of my car as I left a restaurant. As I approached, he didn’t even move and looked me straight in the eye as though he was determined to catch my attention and convey his message. These are the only two crickets that I have seen in my three years living in the US. When I researched the cricket’s message, I was excited by the synchronicity about moving forward:

Cricket is willing to leap toward new opportunities.


Are you listening to spirit in all ways possible? Are you taking the time to notice the incredible synchronicity and messages constantly sent forth by the universe to those who pay attention? Ask your guides to help you become aware of these magical messages and affirmations from spirit.


If you would like to learn more about animal medicine, check out the You Tube video and tools listed below.




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