Ask and Ye Shall Receive…

April 19, 2015

I wrote a blog recently about my wonderful friend and gifted Medium Rachel Sally who gifted me an original Coral Polge portrait.  I had asked my guides to one day just get me a copy of a Coral Polge picture… Never having mentioned this to Rachel, I smiled at Spirit’s orchestration of events when she sent me the beautiful portrait of her guide Maria crafted by Coral in the year of my birth.  Well, it never rains but it pours… This week I received eight more original Coral Polge portraits from Rachel and now have potentially the largest collection of original Coral Polge works.


The portraits arrived with a newspaper article about Coral Polge from the Sunday Mirror June 19 1977:

Coral Polge is an artist with a world reputation for drawing portraits that are – literally – out of this world. For she says they are spirits of the dead. Usually she does not herself recognize the faces that appear uncannily on her sketch pad. But so many of them are later identified by her clients as dead relatives or friends that coincidence seems too easy an explanation. Here the Sunday Mirror examines the stories behind some of her mysterious portraits…


Coral Polge’s pencil sketched rapidly over the drawing pad. The audience watched in rapt attention as a girl’s face took shape on the paper. Suddenly, as the picture neared completion, Coral drew back, clutched at her throat and uttered a muffled cry. There seemed to be no explanation for the seizure that had interrupted her in this public demonstration of psychic art. Not until a woman in the audience – a total stranger to the artist – announced that she recognized the sketch. It was the face of her daughter – who had been choked to death by carbon monoxide gas.  “I could feel terrible contractions in my throat as I drew the face” Coral recalls. “ I have also drawn countless portraits of suicide cases and have gone through absolute agony as I sketched.” This is the other discomforting side of Coral’s mystifying gift.


In Spiritualist circles she is called a psychic artist. In laymen’s terms she likens herself to a “kind of radio receiver tuned to the world beyond the grave.”


“I can’t just call up the dead at will,” she explains. “ I switch on and hope that someone will communicate.  I never know who it will be.  I just feel ‘people’ coming through. I know exactly what to draw without even thinking about it. It’s involuntary, like breathing or walking.”


Coral is married to Tom Johansen, secretary of the Spiritualist Association of Great Britain and lives at Walton-on-Thames, Surrey.  She estimates that since she began her weird practice in 1949, she has drawn at least 50,000 people in the spirit world. “Sometimes the results can be upsetting for the person who requests a drawing,” she says.


“I sketched a boy and didn’t know whether he was dead or not. Only later did I learn that he recently killed himself. I did the sketch at a public demonstration and the boy’s sister was in the audience. She recognized her brother from my sketch and burst into tears.”


Coral had orthodox art school training. Later she went to a Spiritualist meeting where a medium told her she would one day be a famous psychic artist. “I thought it was a load of old rubbish” Coral says.  But she was persuaded to exercise her hidden talent. “At first I found it difficult to make contact with spirits, but my links with “the other side” gradually grew stronger. She says she is helped to use her psychic gifts by the spirit of a famous 18th century artist. Several mediums had told her they could see a man with a wig and lace ruffs. “One day I suddenly drew this figure.  A friend who is an art expert took my drawing away and found that it was an exact likeness of Maurice Quentin de La Tour who was one of France’s finest pastel artists.”

Coral provided exceptional evidence of the afterlife and passed to spirit in 2001.


Here are some of the portraits from the newspaper article:














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