Proof of Precognition

April 19, 2015

I learned from a great documentary that 4% of US military pilots have been responsible for 40% of successful missions since the first world war. So how is that these “super pilots” have uncannily accurate powers of precognitive awareness? The air force call it “Exceptional Situational Awareness”. I call it “Extra Sensory Perception”…


Doctor Dean Radin has proven our ability to sense the future by testing emotional response to pictures. When emotional pictures were shown in his experiments, the subject experienced an increase in skin conductance. When calm pictures were shown, skin conductance decreased. In his study, Dr. Radin proved that skin conductance increases in anticipation of emotional images four seconds before they are shown, proving that we are able to sense the future.


For those of you who think that precognition is only of interest to a narrow group, here is a quote from Doctor Radin’s book “The Conscious Universe” demonstrating just how much businesses have become engaged in extra sensory perception:

“In the 1970s, Douglas Dean and John Mihalasky, two scientists from the Newark College of Engineering, investigated the hypothesis that successful business executives sometimes benefit from precognition. In a computer based precognition experiment, they tested dozens of corporate executives and found significant evidence for precognitive abilities among them. The more successful the executives, in terms of profits attributed to their efforts, the more evident were their precognitive skills.”


“We have already mentioned SONY’s interest in psi, reflecting, we believe, a greater societal openness toward psi in the eastern world. SONY is not an isolated case. According to an article in the Asian Wall Street Weekly, in 1985 the Japanese Government’s Science & Technology Agency decided to study man’s spiritual activities in its Creative Science and Technology Promotion Program. Tadshiro Sakimoto, president of NEC corporation, said in this article “The study of the sixth sense and telepathy will certainly prove a cornerstone of future modes of communications.”




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