Spiritual Puzzles

April 19, 2015

Messages from the spirit world come in many forms. The more we become aware of the spirit world’s methods of communication, the more insight and guidance we receive in life.  My grandmother passed to spirit just as I was considering relocating from the UK to the USA, so I asked her to give me a sign during my first trip to the States if she felt that the move was a good opportunity for me.  Just after landing in Tennessee, I passed through customs, collected my suitcase and took a cab.  Driving away from the airport, just a mile down the road, I was shocked to see a broken Brampton hotel sign.  As we drove past, I was staggered but very comforted to see my name “Frampton” lit up for my arrival in the new home town of my choice. Looking up to the stars I said “thanks Nana – I know I asked for a sign, but it didn’t have to literally be a sign.”


Recently, my sister’s partner fell ill with appendicitis just before the birth of their new daughter.  My mother asked for confirmation from the spirit world that he would receive the treatment that he required and recover well in time for the birth.  Moments later, my stepfather entered the room  to show her a crossword puzzle.  The solution to the last clue was “Vera” – my grandmother’s first name.  My grandmother often synchronistically appears in crosswords to provide confirmation that she is present and taking care of the family. Even my highly skeptical step father talks of these occurrences.  Just before my grandmother’s passing, my mother asked for her father to draw close from the spirit world.  Moments later, my stepfather appeared with another crossword.  The solution to the final clue was “Cyril” – my grandfather’s name.


As I was writing this blog about the innovative methods spirit choose to communicate with us, my stepfather entered the room with another crossword.  One cryptic clue was “rode off after this man to find a docker”.  The answer: Steve.  The next clue was “called in a medium to grasp the answer”.


Open yourself up to the spirit world’s exciting and innovative forms of communication and you will receive regular guidance to help you and your loved ones make the right decisions in life.  We are never alone…


If you would like to learn more about messages from the spirit world, I highly recommend these great Sally Morgan You Tube clips as well as the wonderful books below.





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