Ten things you should know about the planets

April 19, 2015

Few people believe that the planetary movements have an effect upon their fortune and life events.  Oh how wrong they are… Most people acknowledge the fact that the Moon and Sun direct the oceans, but they ignore links between the planets and human behavior.  Here is a list of just ten ways in which the planets affect us:

  • Surgery at the time of a Full Moon carries a much greater risk of severe bleeding
  • More babies are conceived under a waxing Moon
  • Sun spots interfere with communication equipment
  • Tree sap rises under a waxing or full Moon
  • Solar radiation correlates with world events such as war
  • People have more accidents during the moon phase under which they were born (or its opposite)
  • Murder rates increase with the Full Moon
  • There is sometimes a connection between the progressed movement of Saturn in a person’s chart and cancer
  • Serial killers can be identified through natal astrology
  • Hermetic analysis of planetary cycles enables the very accurate prediction of events

Please use the comment box to share your personal experiences of the planets and their impact upon our lives.

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