The Power of Precognition

April 19, 2015

Perhaps the most famous premonitions are those of Michel de Nostradamus – the reputed seer that we still speak of around the world today. Nostradamus discovered his special gifts at an early age and began to predict birth dates and the sex of unborn children. He was also summoned by Catherine de Medici (King Henry II’s queen) to read astrological charts as an unofficial court advisor. Nostradamus foresaw World War II, JFK’s assassination, and the fall of communism. Nostradamus also gave the date of the French revolution as 1789 and correctly predicted the execution of the King and Queen. He predicted World War I, prophesying cruelty and terror by land, in the sea and air.  Nostradamus was puzzled by visions of airplanes describing them as “a flock of ravens high in the air, and throwing fire from the sky on the cities and on the soldiers below.” He named the King of Bulgaria “fair haired Ferdinand”, foresaw the collapse of the Turkish Empire, the independence of Hungary, Bohemia and Poland as well as the enlargement of Romania and the creation of Yugoslavia.  Nostradamus’ book “The Prophecies” was first published in 1555. Apart from the bible, it is the only prophetic work to remain in print since the 16th century.


A well-known Australian medium, Mrs. Foster Turner also predicted World War I in front of an audience of 1,000 people:

“Now, although there is not at present a whisper of a great European war at hand, yet I want to warn you that before this year, 1914, has run its course, Europe will be deluged in blood. Great Britain, our beloved nation, will be drawn into the most awful war the world has ever known. Germany will be the great antagonist, and will draw other nations in her train. Austria will totter to its ruins. Kings and kingdoms will fall. Millions of precious lives will be slaughtered, but Britain will finally triumph and emerge victorious.”


In Major W Tudor Pole’s Private Dowding, the following communication from the beyond was published: “So far as I am allowed to see, peace will be reestablished during 1919, and world-federations will come into being during the following seven years. Although actual fighting may end in 1918, it will take many years to bring poise and peace into actual and permanent being.” All of these predictions came true.


Some people experience precognitive dreams – lucid visions of what will come to pass in time. Carl Jung asserted that we miss out on a huge part of our psyche’s potential if we ignore our dreams. When I awake at 4.27 am, remembering a dream, it is always a precognitive warning of something that is going to happen. But, how is it that we may see the future when dreaming? Scientists have proven that, during the dream state, we utilize the parts of the brain that sense rather than analyze. This concept is similar to psychics simply trusting their impressions as they suspend the rational, analytical mind.


Ask your guides to give you useful precognitive insight in you sleep state – they won’t let you down.


If you would like to learn more about precognition, check out this great documentary:



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