Third Eye – Wake Up!

April 19, 2015

The Pineal gland is a pea-sized gland shaped like a pine cone situated near the center of the brain.  It is known as the “third eye”, the “seat of the soul” or the gateway between the physical and spiritual worlds.  It is considered to be the highest source of ethereal energy available to humans as well as the portal to our supernatural powers. Activating the pineal gland stimulates the evolution of higher states of consciousness. Our planet’s vibration is increasing exponentially – this incredible acceleration facilitates our access to other realms and greater possibilities.


Our physical eyes look outwards transmitting their observations to the brain, whereas the third eye is a communication pathway to higher realms. It is bioluminescent and sensitive to light with a built in transmitter that connects the physical and spiritual worlds. Awakening the pineal gland enables us to see beyond space and time and access a higher state of consciousness. It also speeds up learning; increases memory; enhances intuition; improves wisdom and creativity; and triggers psychic ability. It forms at 49 days of a human embryo’s gestation – the time that the Tibetan’s claim it takes for a soul to reincarnate from one lifetime to the next…


The pineal gland interacts with a hallucinogenic chemical known as DMT. It is possible that the interaction of these two components forms the seat of consciousness and even the gateway through which we enter and leave physical life. DMT is released under extraordinary states of stress such as the time of birth and death. Increased DMT also appears to stimulate interaction with other conscious entities. As we continue to evolve away from materialism to spirituality, the pineal gland will continue to wake up and advance our spiritual capabilities.


Yoga, visualization, and meditation are some of the techniques that help to open up the third eye. The pineal gland is often referred to as the atrophied third eye because it is already calcified by the age of 12.  In most adults it is dormant through lack of use. Fluoride is known to damage the third eye so check the contents of your toothpaste and avoid tap water! Limiting processed foods, sugar, and anything containing fluoride will help to revitalize the third eye. Spending time outdoors and connecting with nature also helps.


The glandular system is possibly the most misunderstood function of the human body. There are actually paralells between our seven chakras and our glands – they are potentially two ways of describing the same thing. The ancient egyptians were far more in tune with how the body’s energy systems (chakras) were connected to the glands. Their more holistic understanding of the glands’ significance to consciousness was the result of combining spirituality with science.


In the early  1900s, alchemist Schwaller de Lubitz presented a piece of work called “The Temple of Man” demonstrating that the architects of the Luxor temple used sacred geometry reflecting the exact proportions of the human body.  The most sacred space in all Egyptian temples is located at the back of the temple. Can you guess what it corresponds with? The pineal gland…



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