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April 19, 2015

As you set your intentions for 2012, please do not hesitate to contact me for assistance with self-understanding and insight applicable to the year ahead. The New Year is a fantastic time to deepen self-awareness through metaphysics and to truly understand the depth of dynamics in important relationships. It is also a great time to gather insight on the energies of your future.


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For those of you who have not experimented with automatic writing, I encourage you to do so.   This is the process of producing material that originates from the spirit world rather than our individual consciousness. It is a great way to access and download poetry, music, philosophy, and all manner of beauty from spirit. Here is an example of automatic writing that I channeled at 10 years of age.


Just as sure as daylight breaks and dusk falls, the seasons change. They are cyclical, representing a constant and assured progression towards renewal and rebirth – an unquestioning and reassuring routine that governs all.


Many do not question the linkage of natural order with all else in their lives; just as some do not appreciate the connection between their behaviour and their fortune.  Yet they are all connected – all is intrinsically linked and synchronised in an extensive and complex, but beautiful web of detail and activity.  The bird singing is a manifestation of a unique and intrinsic code that governs its tune.  Similarly, the birth of a child is a programmed progression towards growth, development of mind, body, and spirit whilst also an emblem of opportunity and excitement.


As the leaves fall and the wind blows, nature retreats to make way for hibernation and replenishment.  Yet, winter will always pass, and spring will break through enabling the growth of fresh flowers and new seasonal fruits.  Similarly, a soul departs to a higher plain and a child is born – its first cries a portent of Spirit’s great program of change and advancement.

Those who accept Spirit’s great and omnipotent program live in peace and harmony with their surroundings and circumstances.  They accept that certain elements are irrepressible; they strive forward, developing and changing just as the ocean fluctuates. Just as the trees and animals adapt to the change of season, all creatures should accept and enjoy Spirit’s great plan, trusting its virtues and synchronicity.


Wishing you and your loved ones all the best for 2012.


Here is a great video clip about automatic writing:



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