What did Freud, Socrates and Jung have in common?

April 19, 2015



Extra-sensory perception is an additional sense which enables us to perceive sensations regardless of physical distance.  There are accounts of ESP from all ages since man began recording history. Many famous figures and some of the finest minds ever have had psychic experiences – here are just a few: Plato, Kant, Socrates, Mark Twain, Abraham Lincoln, Alexander the Great, Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung.


Freud wrote to a friend on the subject of extra-sensory perception: “I do not belong with those who reject in advance the study of so-called occult phenomena as being unscientific, unworthy, or harmful. If I were at the beginning of my scientific career, instead of at the end of it… I might perhaps choose no other field of study.”


The astrology and alchemy of centuries gone by evolved into astronomy and chemistry, yet much more work is required to unravel the mysteries of ESP. To understand the limits of our human senses look no further than the dog whose sense of smell is so much stronger or the snail whose antennae is far more sensitive to touch.


Australian aborigines live in the bush with highly sharpened senses. They hear sounds that are inaudible to others and can identify objects at a great distance because of their strong awareness and sensitivity to the environment. Parapsychologists have tested aborigine claims to perceive thoughts with astounding results. We don’t detect radio waves, microwaves or infrared, but we know for sure that they exist. Imagine how useful it would be to tune in to just some additional energy waves and information.


Can we sense far more acutely as we become more conscious of our true psychic potential? Our knowledge of the brain is limited, but we are learning every day and live in exponential times. Can we even begin to imagine the possibilities and truths of which we are not currently aware?  Can you anticipate the joy of living life consciously tuned in to the power and vast potential that so often lays dormant within us? How can these seemingly magical abilities become part of your life? Do you listen to your hunches?


Can you connect with the spirit world and your higher self to seek guidance that will help you and others in life?  Have a try – ask your guides to support the development of your senses beyond three dimensional space in order to steer you on your path. You will be amazed not only by your untapped potential, but by the accuracy and value of insight to which we have access.  It is possible to gather information and guidance from higher dimensions such as the spirit world – some call that “mediumship”…

To learn more about the power of extra-sensory perception, check out the YouTube video and books below.




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