You can Predict and Avert Health Events!

April 19, 2015

I have been receiving so many health related inquiries in recent weeks that I thought it a good idea to write about metaphysical insight for health.  You probably recall from previously blogs that we each have an astral body.  Here are some reminders about the astral and physical bodies:

  • When we are born into the physical world we take possession of a physical body
  • We must have a physical body to function in the physical world
  • We also have an astral body on the astral realm
  • The physical and astral bodies interact through electromagnetism
  • The astral body can be described as the soul or spirit
  • The soul or spirit is basically the sum total of your experiences of consciousness and the manner in which you have assimilated them
  • The soul contains your thought patterns associated with different areas of life (relationships, health, finances etc.)
  • These dominant thought patterns (the vast majority of which are unconscious) have significant impact in our lives
  • Everything that occurs (events, thoughts etc.)  occur firstly within the astral body
  • Metaphysical insight into the astral body provides an incredible amount of information about a person’s strengths, weaknesses, where they magnetize pain, where they magnetize joy etc.

Medical astrology is perhaps the most fascinating branch of this incredibly powerful and accurate form of metaphysical insight.  In depth analysis of the astral body through advanced astrology reveals our pre-disposition towards illness.   The type and timing of health crises is proven through statistical analysis of real life case studies.


Rather than waiting for a serious health event and then working to heal, consider looking into the future to identify your health risks, the probable timing of events, and ways to avert discord.  If you would like a detailed and tailored report on your health (see bullet points below) your astral body can be analyzed in detail to provide you with this empowering information so that you can live mindful of your health risks to be embraced and averted.  Imagine how powerful it would be to give this information to your health care specialists.

  • Analysis of your physical body’s weakest zones
  • Confirmation of which areas of life are associated with these zones (for example, discord in a relationship, career dissatisfaction, fears about money)
  • Mental antidotes associated with these issues and body zones
  • Insight into vitamins, herbs, colors, and crystals to strengthen these zones
  • Timing of key periods in your life when these events would most likely occur unless averted

If you would like to benefit from this in depth and personalized health profile, the cost is $200 and the turnaround time is 2 weeks.


Wishing you happy thoughts for well-being and happiness.




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