10 Love Ingredients

April 21, 2015

Ok, so today is Valentine’s day and many of us are thinking of love… Remember that the most important ingredient in finding the right love is to have a wonderful relationship with oneself. It’s quite simple really: we magnetize what we resonate…

If you are in a relationship or hope to create one, here are some important ingredients for a wonderful romance:


1. Fire signs combine really well with other fire signs. Fire also combines well with air. It does not mix well with earth or water.


2. Air signs combine really well with other air signs. Air also combines well with fire. It does not mix well with earth or water.


3. Earth signs combine really well with other earth signs. Earth also combines well with water. It does not mix well with fire or air.


4. Water signs combine really well with other water signs. Water also combines well with earth. It does not mix well with fire or air.


Remember to analyze how much of each element is in a person’s chart rather than making assumptions about Sun signs…


5. Venus and Mars in the same element leads to a great physical connection. These two planets in the same sign would be great! At the same degree of the same sign…? Mind-blowing…


6. Your ascendant represents your personality. Your descendant represents what you need in a partner. A partner with a good dose of your descendant (or at least its element) is very promising.

Don’t forget that wonderful and long lasting relationships also include the following three ingredients:


7. Physical harmony


8. Mental harmony


9. Spiritual harmony


10. Lastly, the most successful relationships include a joint commitment to self-understanding and self-actualization…

The concept of finding one’s soul mate is deeply spiritual. When consciousness separates from the God head to descend through the realms of existence below, it splits into two parts that each go their own way to evolve through experience. When each of the two parts have evolved sufficiently, they find each other once again to continue their ascension back home to the God head. This is the origin of the term “my other half”.


We don’t necessarily find our other halves in this lifetime, for it is just one of many experiences of consciousness. But, most of us do want to experience love and partnership in the physical world. In depth astrology is a wonderful way to unravel the mysteries of life. The natal chart is a map of the soul which outlines where we have experienced pleasure and pain as we have evolved through our many experiences of consciousness. It enables us to decode pretty much everything about ourselves throughout our lifetimes. The art of Synastry involves analyzing the dynamic between two individuals – it is a highly sophisticated way of understanding a relationship and establishing harmonious love. To reiterate how powerful and accurate good astrology is, let me tell you that I get inquiries about economics, warfare, politics, health, law suits, criminal cases etc. I tell you this to demonstrate that metaphysics is not just mumbo-jumbo…


When you compare yourself with a partner or prospective partner, avoid the following common pitfall of astrology: The Sun sign is but one part of a person.


The archetypes of every sign of the zodiac and planet are present within you. It is misleading to say “he is a Capricorn” just because his Sun is under the sign of Capricorn. It is far more accurate to understand what we call “astro dynes”. Astro means “star” and dyne means “power”. We should determine how much power we have in each sign of the zodiac. Let me give you an example: My Sun is in Capricorn and it is true that the archetype of the Sun (one’s core or power center) is very much in Capricorn in my case. If you ask my friends where I am, they will probably be correct in stating that I am working. However, the Sun is one of the weaker planets in my chart and Capricorn is one of my less prominent signs of the zodiac. I am by far Aquarian because I have four planets under this sign. If you ever want your own astro dyne breakdown, please feel free to contact me – I offer a breakdown of the planets, signs, and houses for just $20. I also offer full consultations on relationship dynamics.

My new workshop “How and When to Find the RIGHT Love” will be available online later this year.


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Last of all, I wish you all the love in the Universe on this wonderful day!


Steve Frampton



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