12 Things That You Need to Know About Eclipses!

April 21, 2015

  • The astronomical view on eclipses differs from the astrological view.

  • Astrologers consider eclipses to be the most important events because lunar or solar light is eliminated: Stonehenge was created to predict eclipses.

  • There are four types of astrological eclipses: total solar eclipse, partial solar eclipse, total lunar eclipse, partial lunar eclipse.

  • Solar eclipse: Sun, Moon, and Earth all lined up so that Moon blocks the Sun (solar power outage).

  • A solar eclipse brings a negative charge due to an increase in electrons. This electromagnetic change can disturb a person’s auric / bio-magnetic field.

  • Lunar eclipse: Full Moon and Sun on the ecliptic and Moon moves into the earth’s shadow (like a lunar power outage).

  • The effect of an eclipse occurs up to 2 weeks before or six months afterwards

  • The eclipse can take place at the Moon’s north node (dragon’s head) or south node (dragon’s tail) – very different occurrences!

  • The north node solar eclipse has a 70-80% probability of a good outcome. Not the case with other eclipses…

  • North nodes eclipses brings a great entry of energy coming into the Universe or your life.

  • The south node solar eclipse causes something to exit (power outage) from the Universe or your life. If this occurs on top of your Sun or Moon, consult an astrologer because the implications can be very serious.

  • You need to know where the eclipse occurs in your chart to determine its effect upon your life.



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