Another Gift from Spirit!

April 21, 2015

As a Psychic Medium, I receive a lot of information from spirit (often in my sleep).  When it comes to information that is about me, I usually forget it in the midst of my work and busy schedule.  I had forgotten that my guides told me in December that they were sending me a male ginger tabby cat from “a family name”.  I already have three, so I didn’t take a lot of notice.


Last weekend, I was invited by my wonderful friend Evans Bowen to have dinner and drinks with a group of her spiritual friends including Amaru Li who is a Peruvian Shaman.  Apparently just the day before the dinner, Amaru had given a public talk during which he mentioned the importance of “the golden jaguar”.  It was the Leo full Moon. When I arrived at Evans’ home near the smoky mountains for dinner last Sunday evening, she showed me a beautiful stray golden cat that had taken up residence on her porch for a couple of weeks. As soon as I approached him, he jumped into my arms for a cuddle and Evans offered him to me.  She kindly checked the local newspaper to see if a golden cat had been reported missing.  She also spoke with the local vets and neighbors. After these checks, Evans scheduled an appointment for this beautiful cat to be neutered and vaccinated tomorrow morning.  In the afternoon, she is bringing him home to my house to meet his brothers Oscar, Muti, and Tigger.

You may at this stage be wondering where the family name features in the story…  Well, Evans is a very prominent name in my family because I was raised in North Wales and my sister’s married name is Evans… As soon as I met Evans, I felt a great connection and felt that we were family.


The new addition to my family will be named Leo.  The fifth house of the zodiacal wheel is ruled by Leo and, amongst other things, it represents pets. It is also where my stellium in Aquarius is located. Leo is the sign of the Sun and the lion.

Evans is incredibly knowledgeable about spirituality and Egyptology.  She told me that Leo is the golden jaguar of the east and the symbol of spiritual power in Incan mythology. He is also Sekhmet symbolizing spiritual power used wisely… If you are interested in Egyptology and mythology, I highly recommend that you subscribe to Evans’ fascinating blog The Perpetual Pilgrim.  You can also hear Evans speak about Egyptology via this link.


I did my own piece of research on the name Leo this evening and discovered that it is also an acronym for “law enforcement officer” which is fascinating because my biggest project at the moment is about the identification of mass murderers and serial killers.  If I get knocked off, the research and draft manuscript are at the bank and I would want you all to make sure that my four ginger tabby cats are taken care of and kept together always.


Another interesting synchronicity – my cat Muti sat here watching the letters appear on the screen as I typed this blog… He knows that something is afoot.


So, the moral of the story is “listen to spirit”!


Here is a picture of my new boy:





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