Boston Bombing

April 21, 2015

Like everyone, I feel so upset about the Boston bombings.  More people killed and injured for no good reason at all.  Sometimes, I think that the Spirit world must look down on us and ask “why are they killing each other?’


If you are receiving my blog, you have probably had a reading from me and know that helping people is my greatest passion.  As well providing insight for individuals, I work really hard on research because I feel so strongly that metaphysical systems hold all of the answers.  When I see events such as today’s bombings, I become more and more determined to prove that everything can be predicted!  And if we can predict events, we can avert tragedy.


I spent some time this evening studying Boston’s astrological chart. I was not surprised to see that when it is progressed according to hermetic principles, today’s event was perfectly foretold by the planets.  In hermetic astrology, we work with major progressed aspects which we calculate from the natal chart.  We see these major progressed aspects as major underlying circumstances (a little like kegs of dynamite).  We see minor progressed aspects as fuses to these kegs of dynamite.  Transiting planets act like matches, triggering events. Let’s take a look at what happened today…

If you are not familiar with astrology, please bear with me. I will try to make this as clear as possible.


The planet Uranus (sudden events and revolts) is progressed right on top of the Sun in Boston’s chart.  The Sun represents an entity’s essence.  Consequently, Uranus has been poised waiting to strike at the core of Boston.


Saturn (aka the great malefic or the Devil card in tarot) is progressed right onto Boston’s ascendant which is a critical factor in any chart.  In a person’s chart, the ascendant represents the physical body and outer personality.


Progressed Saturn is also forming a square (obstacle) to Boston’s Venus suggesting a negative event.  The underlying conditions were in place for a tragic event. Minor progressed aspects (the fuses) were also in place attached to these challenging underlying conditions.


With the usual astounding precision of metaphysics, the transiting planets triggered the event… Transiting Saturn was right on top of evil Zuben Elgenubi. Transiting Pluto (modern planet of death) was squared up against Boston’s Sun (essence).  Transiting Neptune (illusion) was discordantly squared up against Boston’s Neptune.  Transiting Neptune was also right on top of Boston’s Jupiter (the planet of good fortune).  In other words, the planet of disillusionment was crushing Boston’s good fortune.  Mars (planet of aggression) formed the perfect square (challenge) to Boston’s Mars whilst transiting Jupiter formed a square to Boston’s Uranus.


All of these dynamics combined to reflect the occurrence of today’s horrific event.  Like myself, I am sure that you are praying for the victims and their families.


You can help me in my determination to prove that we can predict tragedy by circulating my blog as much as possible.  I will not leave this planet until I have convinced the powers that be to use metaphysics to avoid tragedy and assist humankind.  If it takes me 100 years, so be it!


Wishing you all safety and many blessings.


Steven Frampton




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