Channelled Writing

April 21, 2015

I often go into deep meditation leaving pens and paper on the floor for trance writing or drawing.  This morning, I came out of meditation to find this piece of writing that I though I should share:


“Don’t pin your hopes and happiness upon any one person, any one project, any one place or any one thing.


Don’t allow momentary small consciousness to doubt, cloud, or confuse our plans because we must respect your limitations.


Be not limited! Be love, that’s all. Love yourself, therefore everything. Love now, therefore always. Love this, therefore that.


Be right here, right now, just right as you are.


We are at work. You need not be.


There is magic at work and it is (y)ours. Pin your trust in us, al(l)ways.


We love you – oh more than you know.


Smile, rejoice. Oh let our music play.”




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