Eclipse Impacts Follow Up

April 21, 2015

I wanted to follow up on my recent blog about eclipse impacts.  If you didn’t read it or want to read it again just click here.

The November 2013 eclipse reached its peak just off the mid west coast of Africa. We can always anticipate the eclipse impacts to occur within 6 months and sure enough we are reading about horrifying human rights disasters in South Sudan.


Click here for more information about South Sudan. Not far from the eclipse path in South Africa Nelson Mandela returned home to spirit.


In Israel’s chart the eclipse occurred right on the Moon’s South Node.  You may have heard of the Moon’s Nodes as the head and tail of the dragon or Rahu and Ketu.  The North Node is a point at which energy is drawn in (the mouth) while the south node is indicative of energy being released or pulled away. If the North Node is the mouth, the South Node is the anus. An eclipse occurring on Israel’s South Node signaled an exit. Occurring in the first house this exit would be a significant part of the nation’s identity.  Sure enough, Ariel Sharon passed away after several years in a coma. This is a great loss for Israel and a highly symbolic event. Sharon pioneered the Israeli West Bank settlements deemed illegal by the international community.  Just after Sharon’s passage to spirit, the European Community again rebuked Israel’s settlements.  Click here to see Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s reaction over “the construction of a few houses”.


If you want to track eclipses, here is a link to the NASA website.  Remember that, astrologically speaking, an eclipse is an eclipse is an eclipse.  In other words, each eclipse provides an important indicator  of upcoming energies telling part of the overall story. Always be sure to fully investigate any astrological activity around the Moon’s Nodes in your chart, especially the malefic South Node.


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Here are dates and times (Universal Time) for 2014 eclipses:


Total Lunar April 15th 7.45am UT


Annular Solar April 29th 6.03am UT


Total Lunar October 8th 10.54am UT


Partial Solar October 23rd 9.43pm UT


Let’s end by reminding ourselves of Mandela’s honorable legacy of human rights and peace.




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