Harmony Versus Discord

April 21, 2015

I have been reading a lot recently and discovered a wonderful quote by CC Zain: “Harmony is life; discord is death”.  This really emphasizes that harmony in any area of life is constructive, but that all discord is destructive.  We grow through pleasure and pain, but often have a tendency to be overly consumed by painful situations.


We have each evolved through many experiences of consciousness prior to this lifetime.  Everything is alive and some say that consciousness begins by experiencing the physical world in mineral form (the ultimate being gold as it is purified and cannot be destroyed).  It then returns to spirit for assimilation before returning to the plant kingdom, the animal kingdom, and then life in human form.


I recently gave a home to a stray kitten and find it fascinating to observe his behavior.  Because he went without food, he is ruthless about getting as much as he can from the other cats.  The experience of food scarcity is already deeply engrained in his unconscious mind changing his behavior at times from that of a gentle and loving kitten to an aggressive brute.

90% of our processing is unconscious.  The unconscious resides on the astral plane located above the physical plane.  It is here that the soul or spirit resides (the soul or spirit is the unconscious self).  All of your experiences are stored in your unconscious mind – that is why a hypnotist can make you recall any previous experience.  All of these experiences and the way in which they have been integrated very much influence your current character, reactions, behaviors, and unconscious tendencies to manifest or create what you experience in life…  Those of us who have suffered pain in romantic relationships generally continue to unconsciously manifest the same again if we are living on autopilot.  But investigating the soul through self-reflection, psychotherapy, and advanced metaphysics enables us to identify and change some of these unconscious dynamics.  This is how we can transmute tendencies towards pain into tendencies towards pleasure.


Quite simply, the different compartments of life (work, relationships, community, etc.) are correlated to different zones of the astral and physical bodies.  Harmony is conducive to life.  Discord kills.  Wherever you allow yourself to experience discord, you damage the corresponding zone of your astral and physical bodies.  This is how we get sick.  So, the moral of the story is that we need to work on ourselves and choose harmony in all areas of life in order to flourish.  The elimination of discord is conducive to health, abundance, and happiness.  So, remember to choose harmony!


Here is a tool that I use to measure discord versus harmony (on a scale of 1-10) in each area of my life on a monthly basis.  Reflecting upon the results enables me to make changes so that my life is as harmonious as possible.  We are all work in progress and should never stop growing because the road to wisdom is never-ending…



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