How and When to Find the Right Love

April 21, 2015

Most people have limited self-understanding.  In other words, they do not understand that their previous and current experiences of consciousness have molded their subconscious minds.  It is this molding of the unconscious mind or soul that determines in which areas of life we tend to manifest joy and in which areas of life we tend to manifest pain. Living without this understanding restricts our ability to understand ourselves and to make the necessary adjustments required to get the outcomes that we truly desire.  The good news is that all of this information can be thoroughly decoded and interpreted through advanced metaphysics.  More specifically, your astrological  natal chart includes everything you ever needed to understand who you truly are and why you are the way you are.  It also contains a vast amount of information about the kinds of relationships that you manifest and why you do so.  Thoroughly exploring your own inner dynamics enables you to overcome painful tendencies to create misfortune in relationships rather than joy.


Not only does metaphysics enable you to profoundly understand yourself; it also enables you to understand the key ingredients that you require in a partner with whom you can experience a joyful and long-lasting relationship. It is also possible to calculate the dates on which you are highly likely to meet the right person.  Having this information enables you to live conscious of what you wish to find in a partner and to understand when the right relationship is highly likely to come into your life.

All of the above can be identified in a private consultation, but I thought that it would be much more fun to fully explore how to derive this information for yourself. For this reason, I have created  a one day workshop called “How and When to Find the Right Love”. These are the workshop objectives:

  • Understand yourself including your innate patterns (positive and negative) in romantic relationships

  • Consciously determine what you need to do to evolve and manifest a more joyful relationship

  • Determine the specific ingredients that you require in a relationship

  • Explore key astrological components of your ideal partner

  • Accurately predict the future time windows in which you are most likely to find love

If you are interested in understanding how and when to find the right love, please join us for the workshop in Knoxville, Tennessee.


How and When to Find the Right Love…

Saturday February 9th, 10am – 6pm


Join us for this powerful workshop using advanced metaphysical techniques to determine how and when to find love. You will learn the specific and unique ingredients that you require in a partner as well as advanced metaphysical techniques to determine the projected timing of relationship events and advanced mental alchemy to magnetize the right outcome. You will learn to accurately determine your personal pre-destined timings for love and reveal the ingredients that you require for a wonderfully harmonious relationship.


Price: $149


Please contact for pre-registration no later than one week in advance as a detailed analysis for each participant will be conducted prior to the workshop.



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