Life After Death – Wonders Never Cease

April 21, 2015

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of giving a reading to a lady whose husband had passed to spirit after 60 years of marriage.  She told me during the consultation that she wanted her husband to confirm something very important to her.  Immediately, my guides said “yes – August 17th”. As I communicated this message to her she cried with tears of joy saying that they had lost their son several years earlier.  His birthday was August 17th and the confirmation that she required was that her husband had been reunited with their son in spirit.  This story is a great example that it is the bond of love that enables a strong connection and communication with the spirit world.  The more love there is, the better the energy and evidence flows.


When we are born into the physical plane, we “inspire”. In other words, we draw the spirit into the physical form that we must occupy in this physical environment. However, we maintain our presence on the astral plane above – it is here that the soul resides even during life on the physical plane.  What a psychologist or psychiatrist describes as the unconscious mind is the soul residing on the astral plane. When we are ready to return home, we “expire”.  Spirit exits the physical body which is then returned to mother earth. But it is just a physical death – the soul continues its journey of growth and evolution. As we progress, we ascend upon the astral realm, moving steadily towards the spiritual plane above.  When the time is right, we have an astral death and then fully occupy our place on the spiritual plane.  And the more we develop ourselves spiritually in this lifetime, the closer we get to the spiritual plane.  The death card in tarot signifies transformation – the transmutation from one form to another.  In astrology, the death card maps to the sign Aries because it represents a new and dynamic beginning…




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