Psychic Animals

April 21, 2015

As animals have a lower intellectual capacity than humans, they function primarily through instinct and intuition.  This is why they are more psychically attuned to their environments than us. As humans with much greater intellectual ability, mos of us have become more involved with the left / analytical hemisphere of the brain rather than the right / intuitive hemisphere.


There are many reports of animals acting strangely when they are psychically disturbed by something in their environment.  I had an interesting experience earlier this year when one of my cats wet himself sitting in my lap.  I was really concerned that there was a problem with my cat – I thought that he was seriously ill.  It transpired that I was seriously ill – I was rushed to the emergency room the next morning.  I learned that my cat had reacted because he sensed that something was seriously wrong with me.


Here is a quote from the work of B.V Raman (Hindu Astrologer) about animals’ attunement to the environment:


“Two hours before the quake (Peking, July 28, 1976) tigers at the Tienstin zoo began acting strangely. There was panic among the chickens. Pigs refused to enter their holes and horses and sheep ran about in a frenzy.”


I have learned that the behavior of my animals should be observed. Like all conscious entities, they provide useful feedback and insight if we pay attention…





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