Sun’s Magnetic Field Reversal

April 21, 2015

I am sure that you have all noticed that the weather has been very strange so far this year.  Astrology describes not only what is occurring within a person or nation’s psyche – it is also the best way to understand and forecast weather conditions…


There is currently a grand trine of slow moving planets in water signs. Neptune (ruler of water) is under its own sign Pisces; Jupiter is in Cancer; and Saturn is in Scorpio.  All three of these are water signs.  The last time we had a grand trine of slow moving planets in water signs was 168 years ago when the world suffered from serious floods!


Usually a grand trine is very beneficial, but when the major malefic Saturn is involved, this is not necessarily the case with weather.  While the slow moving grand trine is considered generally beneficial for setting intentions and manifestations, it is bringing us a lot of water issues.  Where I live (Knoxville, Tennessee), July rainfall was the second highest since 1910. There has already been a lot of serious flooding around the world so far this year.  We can expect more!


There is currently a reversal of the Sun’s poles (magnetic fields) – this occurs every eleven years and can have a significant effect upon our weather as well as events upon earth. We are about three months away from a complete reversal.

Interestingly, the next polar reversal coincides with 2022/23/24 which is a period that I am studying a lot at the moment.  More to follow about that…


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Check out this great NASA video clip about the Sun’s magnetic field reversal:




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