Syria: Chemical Weapons

April 21, 2015

You probably already know from my blogs that I use metaphysics to help individuals, businesses, and law enforcement. I am also really interested in present and future world events.  Much of my spare time is spent analyzing different countries metaphysically to better understand their dynamics and relationships with other nations. It is particularly fascinating, but sometimes worrying, to peer into their futures.  I am currently working on my first book (more information soon), but would love to write another book about the future.


I have been following the terrible events in Syria for the last couple of years.  Recently, I predicted that Syria’s President Bashar Al-Assad would be assassinated. One of the assassination time windows has passed and there is a theory circulating that the recent chemical attack in the Damascus suburbs was in response to a failed assassination attempt. There is another window in time opening up that could well result in Assad’s assassination and I pray that such an event might somehow put an end to the plight of the Syrian people.


The terrible events in Syria are fully described by the nation’s progressed astrology and transiting planets.  You may recall the following from my previous blogs:


1)      The natal chart of a person or nation describes what came into being at the time of birth


2)      The progressed chart describes at any point in time the deep underlying conditions within the person or nation’s psyche


3)      Transiting planets trigger events as they move over the progressed aspects


Let’s take a look at Syria right now.


The current regime was founded on September 16th, 1941.


We all know that chemical weapons were used to kill innocent civilians in Syria on August 21st. On that very day, Jupiter (fortune) formed a square (obstacle) aspect to Uranus (sudden event/revolt). In Syria’s chart, transiting Uranus (sudden event) was on top of progressed Mars (violence).  This is astrological language for “unfortunate sudden public event involving violence and missiles in Syria”.  Syria has a very challenging progressed aspect in place between Mars (violence / missiles / the minor malefic) and Saturn (safety / major malefic). The chemical weapons are described astrologically by the fact that the Moon (common people) passed over Neptune (chemicals) in Syria’s chart on that very day.  It did so in a perfect aspect to Syria’s progressed Sun (essence). Anyhow, we know that chemical weapons were used, so no surprises.  For those of you that are metaphysicians, no surprises either that the planets foretold what would occur just as they somehow mirror everything that is occurring at any point in time.


The big question is “was President Assad behind this heinous crime against innocent civilians and children?”  The answer? Absolutely he was:


Transiting pluto (subterfuge and death) was right on top of Assad’s progressed Ascendant. His progressed Uranus (revolt) and progressed Neptune (chemicals) also formed a blindingly obvious aspect to the nation’s progressed south node.  Assad’s progressed Mars (will and violence) are in exact opposition to the nation’s Jupiter (fortune). There are many other telltale astrological signs about this dreadful act.


Although the British parliament did not approve intervention in Syria, President Obama has announced his intention to request approval from Congress on  September 9th. Let’s take a look at the dynamics on that date…


As the US Jupiter (good fortune) and transiting Jupiter no less are both on top of Syria’s ascendant, it is highly likely that the US will indeed try to help the people of Syria. The US progressed Venus right on top of Syria’s progressed Mars also indicates an engagement against violence and suppression. No matter what, we need to keep praying for the people of Syria as well as those who have passed on from this realm in this dreadful civil war.


I have also been studying Egypt and am very concerned about the nation in 2016.  More on this shortly.




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