Total Solar Eclipse November 3rd

There will be a total solar eclipse on November 3rd. It will reach its maximum point at 7.49am eastern time. A total solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth. It can only happen at the time of the New Moon when the Sun and Moon are in conjunction.


Eclipses tend to be dramatic astrological wild cards but not necessarily something to fear.  I generally equate a total solar eclipse to the power and impact of three Full Moons in one. They generally stir up whichever part of your chart (life) in which they occur and it is important to be aware of the impacts because they can present great opportunities for progress.  It is important to stay alert at the time of the eclipse to any communications or feelings that you receive – they are often very significant.  Generally, the full effect of the eclipse upon events transpires within the following six months. Remember as well that you may feel more emotional than usual at the time of the eclipse so keep those sentiments and nerves in check.


This particular eclipse will actually occur conjunct Saturn. Wherever this appears in your chart there is a significant opportunity to restructure.  If you ignore the opportunity for restructuring, Saturn may do it for you. Be warned that it is best to do the planet’s bidding (especially when the planet is Saturn) rather than just allowing the Universe to handle your development for you. The energies will ALWAYS express themselves.  HOW they do so, depends upon how consciously you embrace the opportunity for growth even if it is challenging.


Here is the universal chart for the moment of the eclipse:



Overall, this is a highly harmonious chart, but it will play out differently for each person, organization, and nation. You will see that the event brings an enormous focus upon Scorpio so watch out for impacts upon emotions and deepest feelings. The chart does maintain the renowned and ominous Uranus Pluto square so we will see very significant world events up to six months afterwards involving uprising and the breakdown of old outworn structures.  It is worth reflecting upon which area of your life is due for a renovation because the Uranus Pluto square is already on the case even if you are not.


This particular eclipse will cross central Africa and reach its peak just off the mid west coast of Africa.  We can expect to see dramatic events in that region within the six months following November 3rd.


I will shortly issue an update on the impact of the eclipse upon the Middle East and the Unites States as well as sending you an outlook on the weather for this winter.


There is also going to be an incredibly bright comet towards the end of November. This is an extremely significant event because comets have huge impact.  Here are just a few examples:


Daniel Defoe in his Journal of the Plague Year mentions how much the alarm in London was increased, when the great plague of the year 1665 was in its early stages, because a blazing comet had appeared some weeks earlier. This comet was of a “dull languid color” and its motion, “very heavy, solemn and slow”, the interpretation being that “a heavy judgment, slow but severe, terrible and frightful was already begun.


In August 1193 B.C. there appeared in Gemini a comet of most dreadful aspect, visible throughout Egypt, and immediately followed by the death of King Amenemas.


In 356 B.C. at the birth of Alexander the Great, appeared a comet at first bushy and bearded, which afterwards took the form of a spear.


In 134 B.C. at the birth of Mithridates, King of Pontus, a comet was visible of extraordinary size and splendor.


In 323 A.D. a comet in Virgo appeared coincident with Constantine’s victory over Lucinius and in 337 A.D. another comet in Aries, of terrible grandeur, was simultaneous with the death of Constantino.


Look out in particular for the shape and color of the comet.  If it is red and angry or shaped like a sword it indicates an ominous event.  If it is brighter in color or more agreeable in formation, it can indicate a wonderful occurrence on planet earth. More on this shortly…


If ever you would like my psychic and astrological interpretation of your personal outlook, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  Remember also that your thought patterns and personal energy have an enormous bearing upon outcomes…


Project Updates


A number of you have asked me to provide an update on my current projects and research work, so here are highlights relating to work that will come to fruition in the next couple of months:


Before end 2013 – The Quantum Self-Discovery workshop will go live online so that my clients can take the workshop in the comfort of their own homes.  Here is a link to the existing website:


Before end 2013 – My research paper and video presentation entitled “Thinking Completely Outside the Box: Using Astrology as a Predictive Tool to Prevent Mass Shootings” will be published.


2014 – My blogs will be combined and edited into a book.


2014 – My book “How and When to Find the Right Love” will be published.


2014 – You will be able to master astrology in your own home through internet based classes with me.


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