Cardinal Cross – Brace, Brace…

April 22, 2015

I promised to send you a note about the cardinal cross and here it is…


A cross is a very challenging astrological occurrence that occurs when planets form a T – two planets in opposition with each other and another at a ninety degree angle. A cross of slow-moving planets is quite rare. The cross that becomes exact on April 20th 2014 involves Pluto (transformation/death), Uranus (revolt) and Mars (conflict/aggression). Even more challenging is the fact that Jupiter (good fortune) will move in to make this a square of four conflicting energies AND the Moon (emotions, impulses, and the general public) joins the club.


Remember that the cardinal cross is not new. It has been in place for some time and will remain active until 2015… However, tomorrow (Sunday April 20th ) it becomes exact which means that its dynamics are particularly intense. This is actually the fifth of seven exact alignments and they do increase in intensity.


So, what does this pesky cross mean?


As this is a cross between planets in Cardinal signs, we call this a cardinal cross which is particularly tough in my opinion because the cardinal signs involve action. BUT, please don’t panic! First of all, we always consider what we call major and minor progressions when deciphering what is occurring in a person’s chart or life. The cardinal cross is a transiting cardinal cross. The deep underlying conditions within you and your life are described by the major progressions and not the transiting planets. Transiting planets trigger underlying energies like a match lights the wick of a candle.  Avoid making generalizations about the cardinal cross and what it might mean in your life. The only way to understand your personal circumstances and probable outlook is to interpret major progressions that may be triggered by transits (but not necessarily the cardinal cross). Remember as well that the different domains of your life described by the zodiacal houses carry differing amounts of energy. In other words, any transit carries a different amount of potential impact in your life depending on the house that it is transiting.

The cardinal cross is very interesting from the perspective of mundane astrology in which we focus upon world events. It is very likely that as it becomes exact (on the 20th of April this year), world events will be triggered.  You can think of it as pent up energy becoming released as the air is released from a burst balloon. Again, where the impacts occur depends on the nations’ charts. Countries do have charts just as individuals do. These charts represent the mass consciousness of the nation in question. More often than not, the events of a nation are indicated by the leader’s chart.


You don’t have to be a metaphysician to know that we have problems on the horizon in the near and long term: oil and natural resource exhaustion, overpopulation, corruption (politics and finance), medical challenges etc. The cardinal cross is very likely to crystalize some of these challenges, but you really have to study the nations’ charts. The remainder of this decade presents challenges, but not as significant as the challenges that I foresee for the 2020s. This is why I am writing a book with Stephen Lewis about the 2020s outlook. In my opinion, the cardinal cross will certainly trigger some very significant global events on or around April 20th.


In the case of the US, I feel strongly that a dramatic political and economic challenge is brewing. This does not necessarily transpire on April 20th, but I am certain this it is on the broader horizon. When I analyzed the 2014 eclipse series in the US chart, I thought “ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch and ouch again”. If you are interested in me analyzing the dynamics of other nations or looking at correlations of the upcoming energies between nations, just let me know – I would love to hear from you.

Whatever is happening in your world, remember that good choices and positive thinking always help to some degree. Here are some things that you can do as we experience this universal grand cross:

  • Be calm, take it easy and maintain your balance – avoid confrontational or risky situations

  • Let go of thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and actions that do not serve you well

  • Project loving thoughts of kindness to the world around you and to yourself

If you are not convinced that there is a significant economic and political problem on the horizon, take a look at these links:


Wising you love and optimistic thoughts this weekend and always.






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