April 22, 2015

Apologies if you are receiving this twice! I had an issue with my website so quite a large number of people didn’t receive my thank you!


I took the day off yesterday, but reviewed my email in the evening. I know that I am often slow to get back to everyone, but I do read everything and respond as quickly as possible.


As I looked through my inbox, I felt lit up with excitement about the messages that people send me – from those with ideas and requests for new classes, to personal messages including updates and feedback on readings as things unfold. I realized how incredible my life is; how I am surrounded by wonderful people; and how honored I am to serve spirit.


I have already had so many amazing experiences and opportunities this year. From interview requests, to the publication of my first book, a magical work trip to Pennsylvania and some other great locations. I have also been touched by contact from people who are personally affected by my first book’s subject.


I am honored to work with Stephen Lewis on our exciting new weekly radio showlooking at world events from a metaphysical perspective (and yes we make predictions about world events so tune in). I am so excited to work with Stephen on a new book about our predictions for the next 25 years or so. Stay tuned to hear more about it.


I also love working with the Psychic Access team and want to especially thank Doug who has been so encouraging and supportive of me for so long.


I even have incredible events in my life – it really is magical. From meetings about conspiracy theories to business discussions on the growth and development of Rhama: The Center of Healing Arts and Psychic Expansion.


I love working with the crystals and incredible products that we have at Rhama and thank Nancy for being a great business partner. At some stage, we plan to make Rhama products available in many more locations. I even saw a crop circle in the form of the channeled Rhama logo.


I looked at my list of website blogs and was reminded of amazing moments – the conversation with my guides in spirit as well as the incredible apport that cascaded through the ceiling at a seance and landed in my lap. Seeing that it was in the form of the Philosopher’s Stone (just after I had returned from an alchemy conference) blew me away.


I went to make a phone call and realized how many wonderful people are in my life.  I realized how many great people spirit have put me in contact with in my spiritual work as I noticed cell phone numbers from people like Racha0el Salley, Lisa Williams, John Holland, and some of the world’s finest ever astrologers and leaders.


I am so delighted to get great quality classes online – I love producing them and love seeing everyone’s progress. To be quite honest, having students who can now accurately profile in-depth metaphysical data, transmuting it into accurate predictions and and appreciation of events as they occur in the world brings a tear to my eyes.


My guides told me that there can never be too many of us offering high quality spiritual and metaphysical services in this time of need and advancement. This is why I created a new class called “How to Create A Thriving Spiritual Business“.  I have more great classes coming including “How to Predict Your Own Future” so stay posted! I am also loving the requests to go and teach

in some exciting new places in the USA and abroad.


One of my greatest moments of appreciation comes when I receive formal inquiries about the prediction of world events. Somehow I am even grateful for the requests for help with poltergeists and possession. Everything represents an opportunity to make a difference.


I am working on two new books in addition to the one that I am putting together with Stephen Lewis. I am also involved in projects about compatibility analysis for dating and relationships, astrological research, metaphysical consulting for corporations (we need to be in there to drive change at a critical time), teaching workshops at United Metaphysical and participating in their Psychic Cruise.


I love seeing each person and their path in the world unfold as well as observing the interconnectedness of so many people in service. There are some very special and surprising examples and lots of exciting developments to come – I can even see individuals consulting in the corporate field that will take their innovations to many others.

From Latte and Metaphysics to Sphinxie lunches and the Brotherhood of Light, my life is truly MAGICAL and I want to thank you for being part of it.


Every person that I meet and speak with is special to me. Some have become incredible new friends; others are like family. I am very grateful to my family in the UK for always encouraging and loving me just as I am. I am also grateful to my family in the USA.


I realized that my busy but magical inbox is a microcosmic reminder of my wonderful life. I am grateful for everything.


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Now I must go, but You Go too  . In fact, let’s all go…


Please let me remind you lastly that we are all together. We are even connected closely to those that we love in spirit. When the moment is right, we are always reunited. My experiences of mediumship and passings this year have made me closer to wonderful people on earth and in spirit.


Here’s to creating a wonderful future together!




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