I love this quote!

April 22, 2015

I love this quote from the late Isabel M. Hickey:


“Saturn, Lord of the World, in us all. Keeper of the Records. Lord of Karma. Dweller on the threshold but also the Angel of the Presence. Here is a mystery and when one pierces through the veil Saturn proves to be the Angel of Light that reveals the meaning of it all. He plays a dual role. The greatest mystery sign of the zodiac is Capricorn. If the symbol of Capricorn is made correctly you will see that it is made up of Aries and Leo. The head and the heart. Do you remember what is said in the scriptures? ‘The lion shall lie down with the lamb.’ When the head and the heart are united Saturn’s work is done. The lion is tamed and the lamb is the lamb of God. The goat becomes the unicorn (whose horn in the middle of the forehead depicts the third eye) and the going up to town of the old nursery rhyme (the lion and the lamb were going up to town) contains the secret of the going up of the human being to the door of initiation. The defeat of the king of beasts (personality) and the emergence of the Initiate dedicated to selflessness and World Service are shown.”




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