What On Earth Just Happened?

April 22, 2015

Nostradamus once stated "He is wise who understands that the stars are luminaries created as signs. He who conquers the stars will hold the golden keys to God's mysterious universe."

Sometimes human behavior and events on earth feel utterly unfathomable. But, everything can be deciphered. Last week, something seemingly unfathomable came to pass. Andreas Lubitz stepped onboard German Wings flight 9525 with a very clear intention - to destroy himself and everyone else. He succeeded. 


Who was Lubitz? What on earth was going on within him? Was it possible to calculate the risk that he represented? Could this event have been predicted? Was it even possible to determine when he would take action?




I stated a number of times on the radio in the last few weeks that Germany and France were at extremely high risk of terrorism and that transportation was indicated as a venue. I'm not highlighting this in order to say "I was right". I am stating this because metaphysical insight is valid and undeniable. It's time to start focusing on the opportunities to prevent tragedy and create a better future rather than continuing the modern and frankly ridiculous debate about the validity of astrology, psychism, and prediction. We do not need to engage in this debate with opinions and feelings - we can simply put the facts on the table and remain silent. Those who are too narrow-minded to explore the dossier choose to remain in the dark ages. 


Andreas Lubitz chose (and yes he did choose) to bring innocent people to their physical deaths. I know and you probably know as well that the physical body expires (spirit exits), but the soul does not. I have spent a fair amount of time this week in meditation offering what support, calm, and love I can to those in transition. You can do the same. You can go into a moment of silence and focus your spirit upon those who passed in this tragedy. You can hold a baby in your arms. You can hold an adult in your arms. You can breathe and contribute to a sense of realization about what just occurred. You can be present and shine your light to make the passage easier.




But, what just happened? Let's take a look.


Lubitz was born on December 18th 1987 in Montabaur, Germany.  James Eagan Holmes (Aurora Colorado Shooter) was also born in December of 1987. This does not mean that everyone born in December 1987 poses a risk. It means that some high risk individuals did incarnate at that time.


I began as a Psychic Medium - work that I am still engaged in and extremely passionate about. But when it came to deciphering life, I learned early on that an analytical approach is most precise. This is why I became an Astrologer. I practice a combination of modern astrology (if you can call it that) and medieval astrology with a very strong leaning towards the medieval. I will use these tools to explore what just happened. We do not know Lubitz's time of birth and we may never know. Not knowing his time of birth prevents us from conducting an additional layer of analysis, but we still have a lot to work with. 


There is so much to explore, but let's start with some basics. There is very little air in Lubitz's chart. He was not a rational person. In other words, he was not driven by reflection or some logical process. The chart contains a huge amount of fire with fixed water. A good analogy for this would be a forest fire with a water hose only able to point in one direction.


In medieval astrology, we analyze the different levels of dignity for each planet. This enables us to determine the quality of each planet to consider how it functions within the native's life. We break down each sign of the zodiac into decans of ten degrees and terms of varying degrees. We also assess what is known as 'dignity of triplicity'. These are basically all tools that build an intricate picture of a person. In cases like Lubitz's, we pay particular attention to the malefic planets Mars and Saturn. Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, he had a significant number of planets under the decans and terms of Saturn. His chart has extremely poor dignity. In fact, it has pretty much no dignity at all. 


Lubitz's Venus is in the flight's house of death. Quite literally, his desire (Venus) involved the passengers' deaths. His Ascendant (Lubitz himself as a person) is right on top of the flight's Neptune at the top of the chart indicating that he would be the cause of complete confusion and bewilderment. We are all still asking ourselves 'how on earth could a person choose to do this?'


The Sun in Lubitz's chart is what we call 'besieged'. It is surrounded by challenging planets. He has a nasty stellium (cluster) of Sun, Saturn, Mercury, and Uranus under the explosive sign of Sagittarius. The only aspect in his chart that might be considered beneficial is to Jupiter the planet of opportunity. Sadly, this meant that the extremely challenging cluster of planets was supported by Jupiter. In other words, Jupiter was set to allow these difficult planets to express themselves and come alive in the world. Lubitz's stellium is also what we call 'in the bends' which refers to anything at approximately a ninety degree angle to the lunar nodes. One planet in the bends is a problem. A stellium in the bends? This is a major problem...


Lubitz's Moon opposes the flight's Moon squaring (discordantly aspecting) the flight's midheaven (notoriety). The opposition of his Moon (mental state and feelings) was literally at odds with the flight's Moon (the people on it). His hideous stellium is slap bang on top of the flight's descendant in opposition to it's Ascendant (its very existence). He literally symbolized the downfall of this flight. The chart says "He will down this flight". The flight's ascendant is in air. Of course, it (the ascendant) is a flight. It was not a safe flight because it was ruled by Mercury which is in very poor condition in the chart. Additionally, Lubitz's stellium (see above) squares (challenges) Mercury in the flight's chart. 


Lubitz's Mars (violence) - Pluto (death plot) conjunction is heavily engaged with the flight's Venus. What does Venus rule in the flight chart? The north node of the Moon. What does the north node of the Moon symbolize? Destiny.




Let's put it simply. I screen flight charts before I make my bookings and there is no way I would have booked this one.


Lubitz might have walked the streets like everyone else, but metaphysical insight reveals the truth. Quite simply, Lubitz's chart reveals who he was, what he was capable of, and when he would take action. If only someone would listen...


I like to call a spade a spade. Lubitz's chart reveals that he was broken, bad, wrong, sick, rooted in darkness. When I first read about him, I did not get the feeling of a young man that went off the rails or did something dreadful in the spur of the moment. He knew what he was doing and he was inspired to do it. He was controlled by one hand of fate, but a hand that most people resist. I have seen this hand. It is real. It can and does express itself. It does wield great influence. I have been pushed down a staircase by this hand because I am on the other team. I have seen this hand appear. I hope that few ever see its accumulation of darkness. It can be reduced, distanced, and and shrunken by only one thing - LIGHT. When we resonate light, we are protected and we are strong. And in this, we can never be defeated.


In a nutshell, if there had been a process to determine risk between flight charts and pilots scheduled to fly and had the question been "should this co-pilot fly this flight?", the answer for Lubitz and flight 9525 would have been "absolutely not!". Why?Because the transiting planets within charts for the flight and the pilot described their combined fate.


There is actually an eerie alignment between the chart for this flight and the chart for ISIS. I am not saying necessarily that Lubitz belonged to or was even inspired by ISIS. I am saying that the charts reveal certain elements of the same sickness or hand. 


I am currently making additions to my first book "Thinking Completely Outside the Box - Astrology as  predictive tool to prevent rampage shootings". I will also produce further evidence that we are not in the dark - we can gather insight and prevent tragedy. We can make our lives and the world around us much better. We can be a force for good. We can serve the hand of light.


Let's sign off with thoughts of love and prayers of advancement for those affected by this great and seemingly unfathomable tragedy. Spread the light and illumine the pathway.

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