The Human Spirit Does Not Die

July 19, 2015





The human Spirit does not die.
Hence, for you, I shall not cry.


I will not weep; I will not lament,
As, for us all, you are heaven sent.


The physical body - naught but a shell;
Which on departure, all repel.


A concoction of things that to earth belong;
Since a long time before you sang your song.


A collection of melodies we each shall sing;
An eternity of lessons to relish and bring.


We give you our heart; we give you our soul.
For to one thing alone, we return to be whole.


I love you; I love myself.
Anything less is absence of wealth.


The material world is just one plane;
A monopoly box revered in vain.


All that we hoard here shall remain;
Back in the box at the end of the game.


Shackled by life like a clam to a shell;
The true definition of a lovable hell.


If poor in love, or poor in heart;
Every time, we shall restart.


The truth, for the pure, always reserved;
Free to create all we deserve.


I will see you soon and I wish you well;
Secure in my heart you always dwell.


With a beaming smile, I embrace our rhyme;
The blink of an eye, a mere stitch in time.


An illusion of miracles, a real rat race;
For now, I continue and lay my Ace.


A little more time I here shall stay.
I hope you don't mind; please for me pray.


I know where you are; I shan't be blind.
Even if I remain stuck in mind.


The wheel must turn, the record must play.
See you soon another day.


With a strong embrace and a wink of the eye;
Just for now, I bid you goodbye.


Steven Frampton, Summer 2015




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