Once in a Blue Moon!

July 31, 2015


We have all heard the expression “once in a blue moon”, but what is it’s origin? The term “Blue Moon” describes the occurrence of a second Full Moon in one calendar month. This is a phenomenon that occurs every couple of years and there is a Blue Moon today. Quite simply, the length of the calendar month differs from that of the lunar month. The former is 30 or 31 days, whereas the lunar month is approximately 29 days.


We had a Full Moon on July 1st of this year and have another one this evening. On this occasion, the Moon will not actually appear to be blue - this only happens on extremely rare occasions such as the Krakatoa volcanic eruption of 1883 when volcanic dust clouded the atmosphere. Krakatoa was one of the most violent volcanic eruptions ever recorded - I will produce a blog about Krakatoa next week. 


There is actually another definition of a Blue Moon describing seasons in which there are four Full Moons rather than three. This occurrence is even rarer than today’s phenomenon.


Although the Moon won’t be blue this evening, as always the Full Moon is quite a spectacle. Take some time to look up to the heavens this evening to reflect upon the bigger picture in your life and the world around you. What have you been focused upon? What is truly important at this time? Where are you headed? Why are you going there? What will it feel like to be there? Is it really where you want to be? Where do you really want to be? How can you get there? Will you remain fully aligned with your vision? In other words, are you truly bought into your future and doing the right things to succeed? Are you displaying the best of yourself and securing alignment between your inner dialogue, outer actions, and dreams?


I was laughing with my partner this morning about a great expression. Here it is:


I have six serving men; they are tried and true.

They are what, when, where, why, how, and who?


Here is a link to the full poem by Rudyard Kipling.


This is always a great tool for consideration when we are making plans for the future and ensuring success.


The next Blue Moon will occur on January 31st 2018. The previous one was August 2012.


This evening’s Full Moon is in Aquarius so focus on sowing seeds of manifestation for whichever are of your life is ruled by Aquarius. You can tell this by looking at your natal chart. Here is a link to a previous blog listing house rulerships so that you can see which areas of life are ruled by each house. My previous Full Moon blog also explains the significance of a Full Moon and how to interpret its meaning in your own life.


Remember that Venus recently went retrograde encouraging us to focus on our passions and affairs of the heart as well. 


Enjoy the Full Moon! Fly your flag, but don’t get crazy! 




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