Why does Christian Baptism involve immersions of purification?

August 24, 2015

The soul moves through seven planetary realms before arriving on the earth plane. This is why baptism involves seven immersions of purification. They correspond to the seven planetary realms. Initiates of the mysteries were also immersed seven times. They were overseen by four priests. Baptisms nowadays generally involve three handfuls of water symbolizing the trinity, but this practice is rooted in the original seven immersions.


In the Mysteries of Eleusis, revered by the Greeks and Romans, the Torchbearer holds the SUN. The Altar Superintendent holds the MOON. The last priest holds the caduceus (MERCURY). The Hierophant (Mysteries of Eleusis and tarot deck) wears a crown which refers to Corona Borealis. He also wears a mantel depicting the heavens. He presents symbols of the Creator in his hand. Whenever an initiate was crowned, the Olymbic robe was donned hiding 12 other robes beneath it. These symbolize the 12 signs of the zodiac. 


Astrology, astronomy, tarot, numerology, and mythology are one system. The Initiate's role is to decipher the meaning of this system as it relates to the world and people in it...




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