A Journey Through Life

October 5, 2015



A journey through life:


Step 1 = Aries (cardinal fire). You are born into the world focused on your needs. It took energy and determination to get here (cardinal fire). 


Step 2 = Taurus (fixed earth). You seek the nourishment and security that you require (fixed earth).


Step 3 = Gemini (mutable air). You learn to communicate and begin your education (mutable air). 


Step 4 = Cancer (cardinal water). You experience and learn about family and, hopefully, nurturance (cardinal water).


Step 5 = Leo (fixed fire). You have fun and fall in love (fixed fire). 


Step 6 = Virgo (mutable earth).  You identify how to be of service in the world (mutable earth).


Step 7 = Libra (cardinal air).  You establish a long term relationship (cardinal air).


Step 8 = Scorpio (fixed water). You learn more about resources and life lessons such as death (fixed water).


Step 9 = Sagittarius (mutable fire).  You gain wisdom and develop your spirituality (mutable fire).


Step 10 = Capricorn (cardinal earth).  You age and plan for the later part of life (cardinal earth). 


Step 11 = Aquarius (fixed air).  You learn to love everyone and get the whole in perspective (fixed air).


Step 12 = Pisces (mutable water). You let go (mutable water). 

The circle is complete. As Samuel Beckett said "the end is in the beginning and yet you go on".


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