Proof of Vedic Culture's Global Existence

October 15, 2015

Take a look at this breathtaking Vedic temple!


Let me share with you this fascinating quote from the book "Proof of Vedic Culture's Global Existence" by Stephen Knapp. 


Why do I want you to read this? Because I died once. It was just as described.


"The Vedic knowledge was given to humanity by the Supreme Being and has been available since the beginning of creation.


The Vedic literature explains that the material creation is only a small portion of the Supreme's energy, and only about 10% of all living beings exist within the confines of this material creation. The other 90% of all living beings are eternally liberated in the spiritual realm. So we can get an idea of how small this cosmic creation is compared to the spiritual realm, and how few of us there are in it, although it appears to be so vast and populated by innumerable living entities. Our existence in this cosmic creation continues as long as our materialistic consciousness is not spiritualized.


We must understand that the real world is the spiritual world, from where we all originate. Within the spiritual sky, the material world manifests like a cloud in the corner. It is said that the cloud of the material world is but a perverted reflection of the real spiritual world. Everything that you find in this material world is also in the spiritual realm, except everything there is in its pure state of being.


For example, it is explained that the spiritual world is also filled with planets, but those planets are spiritually self-effulgent, eternal, and millions of times larger than any one of the material universes. The residents of those planets have eternal, blissful spiritual bodies that are full in the six opulences of beauty, strength, knowledge, wealth, fame, and detachment. The spiritual world is a place of ever-increasing joy. There one finds complete freedom from all pains and suffering, and the atmosphere is unlimitedly full of ever-expanding beauty, joy, happiness, knowledge, and eternal, loving relationships. In this way, the needs of the soul for complete freedom and unbounded happiness are found in that spiritual atmosphere. Such existence is beyond the imagination of our limited mind. It cannot be analyzed merely by the materialist forms of logic. We cannot fathom it unless our mind becomes spiritualized. Only then are we able to have some little comprehension of what the spiritual world is like. The duty of any intelligent person, therefore, is to wake up to understand the spiritual reality. And this spiritual reality can be experienced right here and now, in this world, in this body by the perfected practice of a spiritual lifestyle. 


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