Le Bataclan. Qu'est ce qui se passe?

November 19, 2015



You will probably know by now of the dreadful terrorist attacks in Paris last Friday evening. For the first time since WWII, France has declared a state of national emergency (akin to martial law). Sadly, it was only a matter of time before terror struck Paris once again. Hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees fleeing ISIS and years of civil war in Syria are arriving in Europe. It is obvious that ISIS would plant some of its members to better infiltrate European nations. The Obama administration has also agreed to take 10,000 plus Syrian refugees. 


I stated in radio interviews a year or so ago that terrorist attacks would target entertainment venues, sporting events, and probably schools. France was highlighted as one of a number of countries under severe threat of terrorism. But what on earth is going in France? Let's take a look.


France has a number of charts - one for the age of each Republic. The fifth French Republic was created on October 5, 1958. I like to use the chart recommended by Nicolas Campion. This depicts the moment when the constitution was fixed with the offical seal on October 6th 1958.


On Friday last week, transiting Mars (violence, weapons, guns, bullets etc.) reached the transiting north node of the Moon. This point brings things to us, so it doesn't take a genius to work out what would happen. All of this occurred under the sign of Libra which is associated with nice times, entertainment, socialising etc. And where did terror strike? Cafes, bars, a football stadium and a concert hall. Mars has only just entered Libra indicating that such venues are still very high risk.


Mercury (young people) was conjuct the Sun symbolising that younger people were particularly at risk. Le Bataclan is a venue for young adults and the terrorists selected it as a target specifically for that reason. 

Sadly, Mercury is heading (transiting) towards Saturn as well which makes me especially concerned for kids and students. This is a bad sign for young people as it is for educational institutes, religious gatherings, and long distance travel (especially flights). This is expecially the case in France because porgressed Mercury is concjunct natal Saturn in the French chart. It is also a sign that many young people in France feel disenfranchised and lacking hope. This suggests that young people and those associated with Mercury (media, communications etc.) are increasingly at risk in France. Remember that Saturn is in Sagittarius which rules higher education, places of worship, and long distance travel. 


There are various other indicators of further violence in France. Specifically, the arrival of Mars at the north node of the Moon is a sign of trouble.


The planets indicate that France is in this for the long haul. Uranus (sudden and shocking events) will reach the south node of the Moon in 2016. This will be especially perilous for France, but many other nations are at risk.


God bless all of those innocents who lost their lives in Paris. We all have to go home some day, but these events were dreadfully unjust. May Spirit help us to overcome the challenges of our era and show each of us how to be in service for the greater good.


These are dates when risk in France will be extremely high once again:


Last week November 2015 - huge risk to French religious gatherings, long distance travel, higher education, and young people.


Elevated risk circa 1st week December 2015

Elevated risk circa 4th week December 2015

Elevated risk circa 2nd week January 2016


Exceptionally high risk Spring 2016, Fall 2016, Winter 2016, beginning of 2017.


Please take a moment to watch this incredible video clip from a young man who lost has wife and mother of his young son last week. You will find this incredibly moving.






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