I want to tell you about Nancy

December 18, 2015



I want to tell you about Nancy. I really love her.


Nancy is a really cool person. She's awkward socially because she never felt that she fitted in or was accepted by people. I know that she had suffered from a lot of rejection in life. We should never reject a genuine spirit and open heart. I can tell you that Nancy is one of the most loving and generous people I have ever known. When our healing center Rhama in Knoxville needed to close, Nancy stepped in. She bought me a latte and asked what the problem was. I explained to her that the center just wasn't generating enough revenue and was becoming a significant financial drain. Nancy looked at me and said "Steve - people need Rhama right now. I will pay to keep her going." That's how sweet Nancy was - she genuinely could not let the place close because people needed it. That was far more important to her than money. Nancy had struggled a lot financially in life, but I think she was quite comfortable in the end because of an inheritance from her father. But you see, Nancy knew that materialism on the earth plane is just a silly, greedy game of Monopoly. We discussed that a lot. At the end of the game, it all just goes back in the box.





Nancy's game here on planet earth came to an end recently. When I woke up yesterday morning, I had a good look at my astrological charts. You might be surprised to know that I only get time to review my chart very thoroughly once every couple of months. Noting the planet Saturn right on top of the Moon's north node in my chart, I knew that something perceived as "bad" was happening. I say that because dying is not bad. I will explain later. 


 Saturn is associated with physical death and loss. He is also symbolic of many other things. I noticed that the transiting Sun was right on top of my natal Mars. So I started to think. Saturn at my north node? Bad news! In my third house? A neighbor? The Sun at my natal Mars on the cusp of my fourth house? A problem or accident in my home? Then I remembered that the Sun rules friends in my chart because the Sun rules Leo and Leo rules my eleventh house of friends. Oh damn it... A friend has had an accident in their home.


I drove to Nancy's. The blinds were down. The doors were locked. The car was in the garage and the dog wasn't barking. So I called 911 and the cavalry arrived. Unfortunately, the cavalry has to follow a lot of procedures and can't just enter a home. I thought it was ridiculous under these circumstances. So I ran up the driveway to the house and broke through the window. It was quite comical because the cops were kind of dumbfounded. I move quickly because I am ruled by Mercury (the fastest planet). I can take action like a rat up a drainpipe. I can shop and study at warp speed.






Nancy had a fast mind, so we had many fascinating conversations. I became close friends with Nancy for various reasons. I always saw her big heart, her fascination with spirit, her true love of God, nature, animals and people. She could be really difficult at times, but that was part of Nancy's struggle with loneliness and social awkwardness. She did have Pluto, the Sun, and Mercury in the twelfth house. I mean if there is a formation for awkwardness and alienation, that is it. But Nancy also had a wonderful Venus under its own loving sign of Libra. She truly loved in a beautiful and very pure way. Venus under its own sign is the purest form of love that can be expressed on the earth plane.


So, back to the house and the window. I found Nancy lying dead in her bathroom. Fortunately she had her clothes on. Nothing against Nancy - I'm just not interested in naked female bodies. She had basically just dropped dead on her bathroom floor. I think that this is about as Venusian as death (Saturn) gets. I'd be ok with just standing there putting on my cologne with my glass of red wine and simply checking out. That's pretty easy.


I have checked out three times in this life. Each time, I was resuscitated and came back. Let me tell you that spirit is wondrous. We cannot feel the true purity of the planets here on the earth plane. We can only experience their more corrupted forms. In spirit, everything is glorious, exuding warmth and safety. So don't worry about Nancy!


I wrote a poem for my friend James earlier this year. If you haven't read it before, here it is. I will channel two more over the holidays. The first will be Angela and the second will be Nancy. I will also write blogs about what I learned from James and Angela.



I was watching the senate hearing over Bhengazi earlier this week. Nancy and I spent hours and hours discussing world events, politics, as well as the correlation with planetary movements. You can't have that kind of conversation with just anyone, so I treasured my stimulating debates with Nancy. She was so committed to her metaphysical studies and literally spent hours and hours each week reading and studying astrology as well as tarot and many other things. A true SEEker.

So let's summarize just some of the things we might learn from Nancy's chapter on the wonderful planet earth.

  • Embrace the purity and goodness of spirit in everyone, even if they are different.

  • Be intellectually inquiring. Read and research widely, THINK ABOUT IT, and reach validated conclusions.

  • Remember that materialism is just a Monopoly game. We don't take any of that stuff with us. We take our learning, our experience, and our spiritual advancement.

  • Learn, Laugh, Love - we are meant to be happy. We are meant to grow. We are meant to love.

Always remember that life goes on. It goes on here and it goes on everywhere else that we go and can go.


Back to the Bhengazi hearing. I am sure that you are still wondering how on earth that fits in. There were close up shots of some Hilary Clinton correspondence items. I noticed that she had typed "your" in an email when she should have typed "you're". Nobody is perfect... 

Nancy and I made plans to collaborate on a couple of projects. We didn't quite get to them, partly because we pissed each other off a bit from time to time. You know  - like family. That special bond that includes being able to say it like it is. Nancy and I have a common trait - we are both extremely direct and call a spade a spade. 


Nancy was already a character in my new book. Be careful because you might DIE LAUGHING - she is downright hilarious. You will love it because it is a fictional book and a lot of fun, BUT it teaches the reader the truth and gives them a lot of tools. Nancy will now be helping me with this book which is actually mostly channeled. I can't really take credit for it.




Nancy's work now continues in spirit. Please do send her a little love in your prayers. Thank her for what she taught us.


Have a wonderful day and THANKS FOR LISTENING!


I love you Nancy. And I love every one of you that reads my blog. If you don't normally read my blog, I still love you but WTF.


Oh one last thing, I need to find wonderful homes in Knoxville for Nancy's beautiful three cats and little dog Chocolate who she is holding in her photo above. Please contact me by email or text (+1 FOR USA 865 456 4271) if you know of wonderful homes.


Remember to enjoy this precious day and everything that it has to offer. AND REMEMBER TO TELL YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT MY GREAT NEW VIRTUAL CLASSES.






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